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    Hi everyone! My name is Bill Raphael. I have been an electrical engineer for over 25 years, designing automated test equipment and power control systems. Seven years ago, I moved from NJ to Southeast NC. I thought I would be jobless within a few months of moving, so I opened a business selling and installing underground dog fence systems. As it turns out, I am still working for my employer in NJ part time, and still run the dog fence business. I have been interested in the outdoor lighting business for several years, but didn't have the time to learn more about it until this past winter when dog fence sales were nearly nonexistent. I took the opportunity to study the Landscape Lighting book by Jan Moyer along with every piece of online information I could find about this business. I would love to attend Jan's class if I can find the time. I would also love to get a copy of The Landscape Lighting Resource Manual, but it is not currently available. If anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know. I have also read just about every thread in the landscape lighting forum, and find the information amazing. I hope I can learn more from you and share my experiences with you. I have installed a number of lighting systems for neighbors and friends, and have seen the difference in quality in the equipment. I'm excited to be a member of this site and forum.

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