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    Ace, services we offer include fertilizing, crabgrass prevention, weed control, insect control (surface+sub-surface), fungicide applications, pelletized lime applications, core aeration, slice seeding. A typical customer receives 5 feedings per year, grub preventer, and is aerated in the fall. We use all granular fertilizer, no liquid feedings. Herbicides (weed killers) are applied seperately as a spray. :cool2:
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    Ace you can visit our website at to see all the services we offer. I think you will find that we are a well rounded, trustworthy company going on our 14th year of offering the seacoasts finest estates outstanding service.

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    who did your website? we need to do that sometime soon and not sure who to go to.
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    A friend of mine owns Paynes Hill Media and set uyp the original layout. I uploaded all the wording and pictures, and added more pages. But she can set up the whole site for you including hosting etc...

    She and I used to run a political website, voted NHs best a couple yearws ago.


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