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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Paul Wever, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Paul Wever

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    This is probably better for a commercial application. But I've never had a problem with traction, and I've really put some tremendous loads on it. And power has never been an issue. I have two trucks setup to attach to the CCA : a 1990 3/4 ton 4x4 Chevy Silverado and a 2003 1 ton 4x4 Chevy duelly. Neither truck has ever had a problem pushing any implement. Its not hard on the truck at all. The bumpers have been replaced for more durability and the CCA really isn't that heavy. If you want more info go to :blob2:
  2. zedosix

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    haha that is real funny
  3. myoder

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    Looks like fun!!
  4. BigEd

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    You know there are some real smart people in this world, and they are the most dangerous people out there. You have these real smart people out there that think there so smart they can make 2+2=5.
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    I am getting a kick out of this. Please, show us more pics of this product...... :S
  8. PROCUT1

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    What does something like that cost? Im assuming MUCH MUCH MUCH cheaper than a tractor?
  9. Paul Wever

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  10. JeffD

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    How do you even see the bucket? It's hard enough getting a skid steer into tight places. That looks like it would require a football field to turn around.

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