New lawn account, grass brown, what to do?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mplm, Jun 4, 2019.

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    Here is my new lawn account. This property was developed mid-late last year and wasn't maintained at all but once in early April (not by my company) and again by me early May and every 10 days since.. The first time this property was cut, the grass was over 1ft tall and was cut back to about 3 to 4 inches. Ever since it was first cut, it's constantly brown and will not green back up! There hasn't been any rain and temps have been 90+ nearly every day for weeks too.

    The issue: Corporate asked me how to "bring the grass back to life." What should I advise?

    I'm not sure of what type of grass this is, however it resembles straw and shreds very, very easy.

    2 of the photos are from when I first arrived on site, and the other photos are from after I cut it.

    Thanks for your help!




  2. knox gsl

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    Looks like they seeded with rye. Not a thing you can do for it other than reseed this fall with fescue.
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    Cooler temperatures and water, lots of water. Once that happens consider a light application of fertilizer.

    The grass is either dormant or dying.

    If this is fescue, stay off it until it begins to green up.

    The grass likely has gone into shock from being cut short after being allowed to get a foot tall. Wouldn't be surprised if there will be a lot of thinning. They should never have let it get that tall prior to cutting. Tell the owners about the consequences of not following the 1/3 rule.

    Best wishes.
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    If it is rye, as Knox has suggested it is dead and gone.
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    If they don't have irrigation, nothing you can do.
    If they do have irrigation start pumping asap.
    The island looks beyond salvation.
    Might save the tree's with water.
    Also --- where are you located ?
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    where are you located?
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    He's in TN.
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    Chattanooga, TN
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    Crabgrass is your best hope to see green before October.
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    I drove through your fair town 3 times in the past year. Beautiful area !!!
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