New lawn business...need some mower advice

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CosmicCharley, Apr 26, 2008.

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    Hey there....

    My brother & I are gonna start our own lawn business. First as a part-time, & then we'll see what happens from there. We both work full time, so we aren't gonna quit our jobs until we see if this thing pans out.

    I already have a truck & a trailer, & I have around 25 new accounts lined up. All of them are residential, so I am looking at a used 36'' Snapper WB that is Hydro for 1800.00 that is around 4 yrs. old, or would I be better of getting a newer belt driven Scag or some other brand for a little more cash??

    The Snapper has a Kaw. 15HP engine & dual hydro....the deck is supper clean with no dents or scrapes, & it comes with a 30 day warranty. It started 1st pull & ran great.

    What are the main advantages/disadvantages between belt-driven & Hydro.

    Also, to those of you that use belt-driven, do they require a lot of maintenance?

    Thanks for your replies....
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    I'd go used especially since your just starting out. In fact I'm starting to think buying new lawn equipment is like buying a new car... A waste of money. Just my opinion though.

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