New lawn crabgrass infestation: suggestions?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Armando Conti, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Hello, looking for help before losing the new lawn.

    In the Northeast, 10 thousand square feet, 7 thousand on a pretty steep slope.

    Late fall seeding resulted in half germination in fall, filling in with spring germination. I knew it was late when I seeded so I doubled seed rate to help make up for low germination rates due to the seed wintering over.

    This lawn came in pretty well, but the sloped areas, which were the first seeded and came in the best of any areas in the fall, have sprouted heavy areas of crabgrass.

    Before the crabgrass advice from a local Agway "expert" said, when I asked about crabgrass, let it come, don't take a chance on pre-emergents killing the young lawn, continue to use starter fertilizer.

    Now I'm worried I'll lose the lawn if the crabgrass chokes out the young turf.

    Should I wait it out and wait until the crabgrass dies in the fall, and slit seed in early fall to fill in?

    Or, should I take a measure like Drive 75 it to keep the crabgrass from choking out and shading the new grass too heavily? Of course, I'm concerned about the Drive 75 killing the young turf, but all of the grass has seeded out at least 2 1/2 months ago now.

    I guess the slope is an ideal condition for crabgrass. The flat area that was seeded latest and got no start in the fall and is the thinnest area is much more free from crabgrass.

    I'd love to hear from folks with experience and suggestions. Thanks.
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