new lawn for etrememly weedy yard

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by speedymow, Jan 27, 2011.

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    A customer of mine has a backyard thats nothing but weeds. its watered regularly so the weeds essentially look like grass (they thinks it looks ok). they used to be pulled with a hoe about twice a year but have been neglected for 1 year so the entire yard is weeds. to save money they want to do st augustine in small square sections and let it grow in. my question is what is the quickest way to remove all the weeds? how do i avoid a mountain of weeds and dirt? how do i prevent weeds from growing around small st augustine grass square 3"x3" until it all grows in. this is essentially my first grass install so im kinda clueless
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    That plan sucks. Weeds grow easier than grass or the grass would have kept the weeds at bay in the first place.

    Kill, Till, Grade, and seed if they're cheapskates and disconnect your phone afterwards cause they won't properly care for the seed.:nono:
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    I have a few questions for you. What type of grass is there now? Is the site sun or shade? Is there high foot traffic with dogs, kids, ect........
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    lol, this ? is impossiable.. what kind of weeds?.. what kind of grass is there now?

    the quickest answer is round-up it all.. wait 2 weeks till its all dead use a sod cutter to rip it all out.. amend the soil as needed, put in the St Aug.. and throw down some anual rye seed (germs in a week) to keep the bare spots in check until the AUG takes over...

    theres alot of variables though man
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    i would find a customer that takes care of their yard better.
  6. If this/was a St Aug yard and is mainly weeds, kill everything, cut out and start over. Maintain the new stuff at 4"+, fert every 3 months and get on a pre-m/spray program. You have to spend money after the fact to keep the St Aug looking great. I have plenty of St Aug yards that money is put into and they look awesome.
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    I would have a few questions that I think TURF DAWG asked. Full sun or part? How much sun is it getting in terms of hours a day? This will guide you into if one of St. Augustine cultivators will work for you. You want to make sure it is one that is appropriate for the area you are planting.

    Second. The homeowners wanting to just do part of the lawn sounds like a mess. They are going to fight weeds and spend more IMHO in herbicides if they expect success in having a nice lawn.

    If they are not open to this - then I suggest you plug the lawn with the St. Augustine. Depending on how much turf they are willing to buy you can plug 4 to 12 inches apart in rows. This will still require lots of weed control but at least has a chance of giving you a full lawn of turf vs just waiting to see if you lay down some SA and hoping it spreads.

    SA although it does spread, tends to be kind of lazy. If there is much in the way of it rooting down it will not do it. In the case you are talking about it would be weeds that would be in the way of it rooting.

    One way or another it is going to cost the homeowner if they are wanting high quality turf. They are either going to pay someone to spray herbicides, or they are going to pay for the complete lawn to be sodded if they are wanting SA.

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