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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by myknlat, Apr 12, 2002.

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    I am in the planning stages of tackling my backyard. I have approx 12500 sq feet where I want to seed grass. I have two diliemmas. First, what is the best way prep the ground. Currently, I am planning to kill the weeds with Roundup bring in 7 loads of topsoil, and then have it graded and leveled. However, I am thinking about spraying Roundup, tilling the ground and then grading & leveling and using topsoil only as needed.

    Second, I debating between hydroseeding and seeding the old-fashioned way. One contractor wants to charge $1700. I think I can rent a hydroseeder and do it myself. Is this a good idea or do I need to know rocket science to do this task. Is hydroseeding really worth the time and effort? If I did it myself, do you have advice?

    Finally, seed. I think Bermuda is the seed of choice. Variety? Yuma or Triangle. I think that it will be durable and will forgive the time or two that I leave the dogs in the yard.
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    oh the two otpions you mentioned for preparing the lawn, i suggest the latter of the two. we almost always spray, then till, level and topdress when we renovate a lawn. we till the soil to loosen up the soil, and help the ground with any compaction problems it may have.

    as far as the hydroseeding goes, i only know of 2 companies around here who do it. so, i don't know a whole lot about it. one company actually bases part of their sales on hydro seeding(name of company is hydro lawns)

    im not qualified to help you with your question about which seed to use, as we don't normally use those types of grass where i live.

    good luck with your new lawn,

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    since you are planning to seed that bermunda lawn you should consider a blend of bermuda cultivars. Do not just use all Yuma or all Triangle. A cultivar is a seed of the same species (bermuda) but crossed with other bermuda cultivars to produce a distinct bermuda grass with a unique set of characteristics. Yuma and Triangle are examples of a bermuda cultivar. The advantage of using a blend of is that you can get a wider resistance to the different fungal diseases. No single cultivar ever has resistance to all fungal diseases.

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    im not to familar with bermuda,but u might consider waiting until fall as the heat will be very hard on nonirrigated baby grass.
    id be interested in knowing if bermuda can take this late of planting in NC.

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    Question??? Why so much topsoil, do you have craters in your backyard? Use the topsoil as needed. As for tilling I was told by someone on this site that the soil in your area is to rocky and they would use a Harleyrake instead of a tiller.
    Hydroseeding and "the old fashion" way can have great out comes or terrible ones, I've had to fix lawns done by both methods. It sound to me like your trying not to spend very much money, right? Here's what I'd do:

    -Water in

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