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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Skimastr105, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Skimastr105

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    I am installing a new lawn at a house that was built last year. The front yard has been finishd, but the backyard was never done.

    I need to till the soil to get rid of the weeds that grew in last summer, and put in about 40 yards of topsoil because the ground is mostly clay and sand. The topsoil will cost approx. $650 delivered. I will be seeding the lawn.

    The area is about 18,000 square feet and I estimate approximatly 12 hours to complete the job with two men working.

    I don't expect a specific price, just a ballpark. Thank you very much, Alec.
  2. ncls

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    An observation. 40 yds. at one inch coverage will cover 12000 sq. ft.
  3. Skimastr105

    Skimastr105 LawnSite Senior Member
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    What would you roughly charge for the job?
  4. bahamamills

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    Are the owners providing seed, straw, starter fertilizer and the top soil? Are you renting a straw blower or doing by hand.

    How are you spreading the top soil and will you till this into the existing sand/clay.

    Not knowing all of this and making some assumptions I would say 2500.00. This includes all materials and a load rate of 60/per man hour. You could take down the total depending on your per/man rate.

    Timing would be key here as there would be idle time it would seem for one person in the preparation dependent on what equipment you are taking to the job. Hopefully you are not talking about a walk behind tiller(s) or you will be there more than 12 hours. It may be over kill on a half acre but I would rent a blower as it will only take you a half hour to spray the straw as opposed to doing by hand and looks much better with coverage.
  5. PORTER 05

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    well i couldnt spread 40 yrds of loam with 2 guys in 1 day 1st off, with a machine , ya but not by hand...that would take 3 days 20 yrds a day or so, 3 men ...$75 an hr total i would charge $1800 or so....but 40 yrds of loam would run $1200 where im from not including delvering, ive got a dump truck, but if i where to et that much loam, id get it delivered from my wholesaler.
  6. bahamamills

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    I agree 40 yards here is 7-800 not delivered and 40 yards with residential delivery is usually two loads delivered. I bumped cost to include skidsteer rental and hope that tiller is also on the back of a tractor or as portor said you will be there at a minimum 2 days.
  7. Skimastr105

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    I am renting a skid steer with a tiller attachment. I will use the bucket to spread to topsoil. I am providing all the materials and topsoil runs 12/yd delivered.
  8. bahamamills

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    Good to hear on the skid steer/tiller rental. You should be good to go with the timing. Dependent on your quote I would still consider the straw blower to get you out of there even quicker.

    WATER...WATER........WATER......... Good luck and let us know how it comes out.
  9. Turbo cut

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    Just a hint/tip for you all! If you would want a yard that will have none of the wild grass in or such i would never use straw!! Granted that it takes less water but last yr we put a yard in w/o straw and the neigbor was also putting a yard in and he used straw!! Granted his was growing before ours was, but over about 3-4 wks you seen a huge difference. Now this yr the lawn is still all green and weed free unlike the neighbors yard which has the wild grass (dont know the exact name of it)in that comes from the straw!! the yard we put in never had crab grass preventor or anything, just starter fertilizer and what a difference!!! Just a tip for you!!
  10. Skimastr105

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    Thanks for all the help... I will be sure to post pics of the finished work!

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