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    I have a customer that has a 25' x 25' area that is in a partly shady area and for the most part is covered with weeds and some grass areas. The customer would like this area to be a nice looking lawn area. I am looking for some suggestions to make this what they are looking for. Getting rid of the weeds, new soil, sod, seed, etc... What would be the best way to go about this.

    thanks in advance :drinkup:
  2. SodKing

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    Have a licensed applicator apply round up, then harley rake, rake off the debris, thin coat of new loam if whats left is junk, then sod...
  3. DLS1

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    Why not just rent a sodcutter to cut a layer of weeds and some dirt. Then spray it with roundup. Later then put some loam dirt,fertilizer and then the sod. It shoud be pretty level with the other grass since you used the sodcutter.
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    I see the method of using a sodcutter suggested a lot around this forum for renovating a yard. I was just wondering if you guys use a walk behind sod cutter and cut all the yard up or do you have a pto driven one. I have been on the arse end of a sod cutter and a 25' x 25' area is about all I would want to do. Why not just round-up, harley, fine rake, prep, and lay. Cutting up an average yard with a sod cutter gives me nightmares even if it isn't me behind it.

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