New lawn install..your Lesco seed preference?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GarPA, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. GarPA

    GarPA LawnSite Silver Member
    from PA
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    I have a new install to do and would like your 2 cents on the Lesco seed you would recommend. I used allot of Park and Athletic in Spring ..good results...but it took awhile to germinate. I'm no fan of rye grass of any kind. THanks much...
  2. geogunn

    geogunn LawnSite Gold Member
    from TN
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    transition blend is nice but I have been disappointed in its tolerance to heat and drought.

    by the way...lesco seeds are fresh compared to that you will find in most places.


    OBRYANMAINT LawnSite Senior Member
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    eagle blend plus does have some rye
  4. superfert

    superfert LawnSite Member
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    Give the 50/50 mix a try I am sure that you will love your end results. 50% improved KB's and 50% improved PR's. I noted that you are not a fan of the PR's but this sure is the best of both worlds. Depending on your location and estimated time that you plan to seed, it might start to become a concern with too much KB in the mix and the number of good days left prior to snow and cold temps to get good germination. If you really want that high end KB lawn look at the 70/30 mix. You really need the PR's to protect the KB"s from washout.

    PS don't forget the 19-19-19 starter at seeding and then follow up with 18-24-12 with slow release 4 - 5 weeks after seeding

    Good luck !! report back with you findings

  5. paul

    paul Lawnsite Addict
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    A 19-19-19 is not a starter fert, it has too much N, you want something lower in N but higher in P & K. 6-24-24 is a much better starter fert.

    Fresh seed? Seed is harvested once a year at times that vary according to type. The key to seed is the date tested and the gremanation rate along withinert material and weed seeds it has. Look for a test date thats close to your installation date, if in doubt have it retested.
  6. joshua

    joshua LawnSite Bronze Member
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    50/50, perennial rye/ kentucky blue, does that sound right? no, not to me, you have a fast germinating seed vers. a slow germinating seed. when the perennial rye grows in it will block out the kentucky blue from even germinating.

    the purity of most seeds should be in the 90%(& above) range. and the germination that depends on what type of seed. for every year the seed isn'tplanted take off 20% for germination.

    get the pure live seed formula and figure out if the seed is good.
    and read paul's post again
  7. General Grounds

    General Grounds LawnSite Senior Member
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    :blob3: i love the 50/50 mix as well, you get the fast germ w/ the rye and the density with the blue once it comes up. if you seed w/ all blue and the customer does'nt see the germ in a week you'll be hounded for the next 4 weeks. 50/50 here.t
  8. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
    from NJ
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    rye and blue here too. people want to see results, quick. they can see the rye in about 8 days, and in 6 weeks they can see it all.
  9. HBFOXJr

    HBFOXJr LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Pricey, but over the long haul a lot of lawns I've seeded with Lesco's sunny mix (blue, rye, creeping red fescue) have probably held up the best.

    I have some irrigated and non-irrigated test plots started now and will be posting some pictures in the future. Some Lesco seed mixes and some other suppliers.

    I was not happy with how my fall seeded Team-Mates Plus held up this year in the test plots or sites. It did however make it in the shade pretty good.

    The Profs at Rutgers told me last year that the semi-dwarf or intermdiate tall fescues were less of a brown patch problem.

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