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Orlando Fl
I have a client whose lawn is patchy and at best mostly weeds. Would I be be better off with a weed and feed, then drilling in new grass, or just rototilling everything under, testing and correcting ph and broadcast seeding and cover with straw. Funny thing is the front lawn has a huge hump from the septic (Im in Floida, water table is high), anything special to deal with the slope? Soil is mostly sand. Thanks much Matt


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guys i'm in the same boat and icould use your help the client's yard is very patchy the yard need's to be tilled and redone should i use a rototiller and till it under? They also need to haul in some dirt. and do a little releveling any help with what to use to prepare the lawn to start a new one would be of great help thanks alot

Randy Scott

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I was taught that if a lawn is comprised of approximately 40% to 45% weeds, or undesirable grasses, that you would want to improve it with cultural methods. Proper mowing, aerations, dethatching, pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) depending on what is all going on with the turf.

A lawn of any nature worse than that, do a total kill, till, and re-seed.

Old Hippy

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Lawn Renovation tips.
1. If the lawn is 50% more of healthy grass try to save it.
2. I would not till for a renovation unless you want to level the lawn in the process. Then loosen up the top and level accordingly.
3. If you want to remove all the old stuff get a sod cutter. cut and remove the old lawn.
4. The way I would do it if I wanted to replace the old lawn and did not need to level and did not want to remove the old stuff is this.

Roundup the existing turf. Wait the reccomended time say 7 to 14 days then overseed the new lawn right through the dead lawn. This is providiing there is not alot of thatch. If there is alot of thatch then remove it. A lot is more than half and inch. Plants and leaves do not count only thatch. If it is ok under half an inch then overseed right through it.

Now be sure and use a good quality slicing overseeder. One that cuts slits all the way to the soil and at least a quarter inch into the soil. The spacing needs to be 2 inches apart or less. Now be careful when you go to the rental store they will try to rent you a machine that has like flail blades. Flail blades will not cut well. They have to be fixed knifes or blades 2 inches or closer together. Go across the lawn twice at 45 degree angles and have a good after care plan ready.

Do not use weed and feed or you will kill the new grass

Old Hippy