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Milwaukee, WI
I have a new home on a lot approx. 43,000 sq. feet. The home and driveway take up about 6,000 sq ft. When the foundation was dug the ground was frozen so they were not able to scrape off the topsoil. The lot has been rough graded and I am ready to begin the process of lawn installation. I have alot of rocks exposed. My plan is to harley rake the entire lot, haul out the rocks, have top soil delivered and spread out, harley rake again, seed, fertilize and have some straw blown. Is this correct? Do I need top soil on the areas not disturbed by the construction of the home? I figure about half of the lot is undisturbed. How much top soil do I need? How deep? I have quotes from 2 inches up to 6 inches. How close to the house can a harley rake on a bobcat get? Does a bobcat work well for spreading top soil? How late into spring/summer can I go and still have time for the lawn to develop before winter? I live in southeastern Wisconsin. I know, alot of questions. I intended to have a landscaper do the job but the house went way over budget and now I will have to do it. Thanks for your assistance in advance.


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Harley rake all of it.
1-2 inches of topsoil is sufficient.
Rake by hand 2-3 feet from house.
Bobcat will work fine.
Do it ASAP.
Water frequently.


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It wouldn't hurt, but if the soil seems fine and you have a budget, just rake the existing soil so the seed has fresh dirt to contact.

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