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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by 944own, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. 944own

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    First off this is on my own lawn. I started a thread a few weeks ago asking for advice but I had no idea my yard would be this rocky after I tilled it. I was planning on seeding with fescue so I tilled it and ended up putting in irrigation. Now the yard is tilled and the irrigation is in but the yard is very rocky like gravel and bigger rocks everywhere. The way I see my options is to either bring in a couple dump truck loads of topsoil smooth it out then seed it. Or rake the rocks out the best I can get it smooth as possible and then put down sod. The sod would give me at least a .5in of soil under the sod. Please help with any suggestions. I can post pics if needed.
  2. agrostis

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    I would just rake. It can't be that bad. But grass won't survive on a rock. Let's see some pictures. If you have irrigation and are willing to sod you could have a nice yard.
  3. MarkintheGarden

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    I would probably do both. First rake out the gravel and rocks and then till in amendments and topsoil. If you just cover the existing soil with topsoil, you can create a barrier between them and get bad drainage and poor soil composition.

    Do post photos and we can better suggest how we would handle the job.
  4. 944own

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    Thanks for the suggestions I will post pics tomorrow. I just got home and it is too dark to take pics now. I raked a small area today and it looks allot better than the unraked area. What do you think about rigging up a piece of chain link fence and putting weights on it and dragging it around the yard with my ztr. Then pick up the big rocks by hand. Would that work to make the raking easier. I am seriously considering the sod I can get 10 pallets delivered for about $1100 I put the irrigation in myself so that was not that expensive. I have plenty of seed because I have already picked up my order for this year for the yards I will be overseeding but I still think I would like to do sod.
  5. 944own

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    I forgot I have a couple pics on my phone from a couple days ago but they dont really show all that I am talking about and I will get more tomorrow but here are a couple for now.

    2011-09-19 08.07.45.jpg

    2011-09-19 08.09.00.jpg
  6. Smallaxe

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    The clumps of dead grass look like a bigger problem tha any rocks I could see... If your patient and want to do sod you might be better off letting that stuff rot down over winter and sod in the Spring...
  7. 944own

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    I think I can get most of the dead clumps out of it when I rake it. If not there is no way my wife will let it sit all winter so I am gonna try my best. I will post more pics tomorrow. thanks
  8. OakRidgeShrubs

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    It'll probably be the best option at this point.
  9. 944own

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    Sorry I have not updated this thread in a couple weeks I did end up going with fescue sod. I ended up putting down about a dump truck load of top soil and raking it the best I could to get most of the rock out and we put the sod down friday. So far it looks good and I have been keeping it wet any tips for best results would be cool. Like I said I cut grass mainly but I do not do sod jobs mainly because I work solo for the most part and this would be too big for one person but I did all the prep work myself, put the irrigation in myself and had a friend and my wife help lay the sod.

    2011-10-07 10.02.31.jpg

    2011-10-07 10.02.22.jpg

    2011-10-07 16.59.54.jpg

    2011-10-08 12.50.47.jpg
  10. Smallaxe

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    Looks good...
    I'd keep an eye on the slope and whether the water is soaking in or running off... that is a situaton in which it would be too late if you waited for symptoms of dryness to show up...

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