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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Watcher, Apr 20, 2002.

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    I have not worked too much with new lawns (less than 1 year old), since I work in an old town with not much new building going on. I am hoping that some of you on here can give me a little advice on this new account I got thou. I work in a hilly area that is literally 98% rock. You almost need TNT to dig a hole to plant a tree. Anyway, this guy just moved into a new house this spring and last fall the builder installed the lawn. He just put about 5 inches of topsoil directly on top of the rocks and old rotting leaves, planted seed and put down one of those lawn nets with the mulch attached. Well over the winter various wildlife tracked over the lawn, and the ground settled as the dirt washed into the rocks and the leaves rotted. Now in the spring the grass has finally come up and I pulled up the plastic lawn net (he had it piled up in places 3 feet tall) and did the first cut. I cut really high because the lawn was very rutty. Well now with most of the mulch sucked up, you look over the lawn and the surface looks like something I can only describe as Swiss cheese. Holes in the ground and lots of pockets ranging from 6 inches around and about 4 inches deep to small ones about 2 inches. This lawn is so uneven I worry about twisting an ankle just walking over it. Now he wants me to fix it. I know a normal lawn roller will not do it I need something much heavier to do it. I was thinking of maybe a 1 ton vibrating roller, they rent a walk behind one for like 150$ for 4 hours. Then follow up with aeration. Now I am thinking thou that it might bring the rocks thru the surface and/or destroy the grass, not to mention what the rocks might do to the aerator. I was wondering what you guys would suggest.

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    dont think u will handle rocks with a roller. either regrade and add soil. or just add soil until its smoother. allow for settleing.
    either way it will take a lawn rebuild and sounds like a big job.
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    Definitely do not roll the lawn, all you'll be doing is compacting the soil. Just fill in the holes with top soil, bad time of the year to seed but you could try if you can keep water on it.

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