New Lawn: Overseed in Spring or next Fall?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by rebaths, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Completely renovated my lawn (zone 8 in SC) in September. Killed all grass & weeds, tilled soil, brought in 3 inches of top soil.

    My grass (fescue) has come up and in many areas is thick, green and healthy. I did experience a few downpours during germination and thus have a number of areas that are thin or altogether bare.

    Can I overseed in the Spring to get 100% coverage or is Fall such a better time to seed that I should wait a whole year to overseed?

    Finally, with a new lawn with no thatch layer and healthy plants, what is the best non-destructive method of overseeding? (by non destructive I am referring to the fact that core aerators cut out chunks of good grass, and wouldn't slit seeders cut up new grass too?) If I overseed in the Spring, I don't expect to have any dead grass to dethatch...just need to put down more seed to get the lawn thicker.

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    Fall is definately the best time to seed, I would mix up some compost, top soil and the seed that you used and just throw it down in the areas that need it, step on it afterwards and go to the next spot

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    I would use dirt or compost in the bare areas in the spring very early and use one of these products to coat the seed to protect it till it germinates and keep it watered in to the summer or look at bare spots all summer where weeds want to grow. and in the fall you can slit seed it to fill in if needed. remember falls the best time not the only time .good luck
    Charles Cue
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    I would wait until fall to seed anymore. You may find the bare areas will fill in just fine on their own. I would use a good fertilizer/pre-emergent in the spring with regular teatment all summer to build a healthy turf. Good luck.

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