new lawn WEEDS!!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ccas, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. ccas

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    Just planted my new lawn. It germinated about 6 weeks ago and the grass is coming in pretty thick and looks nice. There are some bare spots that I will take care of, but the booger is the weeds! Theyre everywhere! Maybe it's just because I have yet to mow that makes them look so bad. Should I worry about them yet? Or should I go ahead and overseed and worry about the weeds next year? I know I can pull as many as I can, but that would be pretty crazy.
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    Where did you get your seed.......? My lawn was new last spring, it was hydroseeded. I really did worry about the weeds until this Spring. My chemical co. has really made the lawn look pretty good for 1 year. I assume you are a home owner......find a local lawn care co. that knows their stuff and consult the issues with them..

  3. ccas

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    Home Depot that is. I got the best they had 99.9% weed free. Lesco brand. I cant help but think the weeds werent in the seed and they were in the top soil.
  4. Russ

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    Good Advice
  5. teeca

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    most broadleaf weed control products are labled for application after the 3rd mowing. so if your lawn has been cut 3 times, then go ahead and spray the weeds, and if your conserned about it, then just spot spray. you will need to kill the weeds to lessen the compatition for growth. and yes the weed seed was most likly in the soil, not the bag.
  6. Runner

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    I would certainly wait a few more weeks. It's been 6 weeks, but I feel that you still have some more viable grass seed in there Do NOT spray with weed killer right now! you still have too tender of new seedings. Just keep it watered and do NOT let the soil go dry. This is when you can and will lose many of the seedlings. Bare with it for awhile, and spray after the weather cools down. In the early fall. The only way to really safely do this would be to spray it with drive 75, and the cost factor makes that impracticle. patience is a virtue and cost wise, this is the most practicle way to go. Also, just ecause you have some weeds right now, do not forget to keep feeding it (low nitrogen, high potassium). You're on the right track.
  7. golfguy

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    I would bet the farm that well over half of them weeds are going to disappear after the first mowing.

    The weeds did not come from the grass seed. The soil is loaded with weed seeds just waiting for a chance to germinate.
  8. chimmygew

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    Did you use straw?
  9. mdb landscaping

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    you can use a product called quicksilver. that will take care of all the annual weeds that pop up in newly seeded lawn. It wont take care of perennial weeds. If you want to control the crabgrass, cut your mixture with some drive.
  10. ccas

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    Does quicksilver harm the grass and make it so i wont be able to overseed in the fall?

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