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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ICE, May 16, 2005.

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    My brother has a 'field' behind his house. It is overgrown with grass and has some debris from the house building (concrete, bricks, junk like that, not alot, but just enough to make it misrerable). The size is approx 7000 square feet. Mostly level/flat, maybe a five degree or so slope away from the house.

    Ok, so my question is simply this. He wants to turn this into a mowable grass area, instead of it just being a field. He asks me, but I am not into doing all of this, being a solo op, I don't have the time/resources/desire to tackle such a large job. But, What I was thinking is Discing/rototilling the whole thing, then stone rake and box rake. After all this is complete, then seed and straw, water, yada yada yada.

    Now, he tells me that someone came out to his house and told him that they would do it for $2000. When asked what they would do, they said that they would just be using a box rake? ;)

    Now, I ask you, is this practiacal. There is live and dead vegatation on the soil surface. I would tend to think that this would need to be addressed first and formost before any equipment would be introduced to the project.

    Please give me your thoughts about all of this. Even the price for the box blading. It seemed a bit steep to me. I asked my brother, he has his own equipment, and my brother says, No, he has to go rent it. Shady?? I don't know.

    Thanks! :waving:
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    lots of people rent stuff. I rent an areatar every year. Why would i by one when it will just sit in a corner sor 11.5 months? The field might only have to be cleaned ot and just mowed a few times. Put it on a weed and feed program and see what happens. Why does it need tilled up? Do you have a pic? 7000 sqft isnt that big.

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