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    I had an interesting call this week. New construction home with 2500 sq ft area.. Contractor did nothing beyond grading the lot and installing some very poorly done beds in front of the house. Asking for a bid to install lawn.
    Looking at the property appears to me there is some moderate dirt work, needs to be cleared of emerging weeds, some prep work and I am thinking slit seeding the area?
    They have estimate from local sod farm but felt it was too costly......
    Any thoughts?
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  2. TPendagast

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    Slit seeding is not for installing new lawns
    If you’re not experienced on how to install a new lawn this job isn’t for you.

    Slit seeding is for existing lawn renovation.
  3. OP

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    Thanks for the reply,
    I am not that is why I am asking. Actually I am not going to take the job and curious as to how this should be done for future reference...
  4. TPendagast

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    Install 2-4” of topsoil ( we recommend 4”)
    Grade and roll
    Rake smooth
    Apply hydroseed
    Cheaper than sod

    Even with sod topsoil installation is required on a new, never previously installed lawn, you can’t just roll it out
    People get the price of the SOD from a sod farm doesn’t give them the price of an installed lawn.

    Generally a new lawn costs between .60 to 3.00 dollars per square foot installed
    Depending on your area, method and materials
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    I’ve been doing a bunch of new lawn installs. 3 new neighborhoods being built, just getting blown up.

    So far they have all been fescue, which is cake in my opinion. It goes something like this;

    1. 2-4” of topsoil
    2. Soil sample
    3. Starter fertilizer
    4. Seed it
    5. Rake and water in
    6. 7-10 days later is germination
    7. Amend soil based on sample results
    8. Patch any thin areas
    9. Start maintenance program

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