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new topsoil, tested pH and is perfect, planted some of the best grass seed in CT and it’s growing appropriately. Area is on a slight incline so no water settles. Water once or twice daily and it’s been 85 degrees plus. Why am I getting a green film on my topsoil? Thanks guys.



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I would not worry about it.......... As the grass start to shade the top soil the algae will die on its own. Thick health turf will be your best bet. Aeration will help, and fungicide applications can help also. However since the turf is so young at this time let it be to fill in. Fertilizer keep moist and all should be fine.

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Algae isn't fungus, it's a chlorophyll producing plant.

If you have pressurized irrigation separate from your tap water it's full of algae because it's not treated water. It's harmless to the lawn.