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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jlc31, Oct 2, 2003.

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    I am installing two yards before winter. The problem is i never done it before. What seed to use. How much. Any fertilizer. Will it be to cold to come up in ohio. All other things I need to know to install a new lawn. Please Help
    Jeff Smith
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    I just did my first lawn install today and if you don't have any idea what you are doing, you might want to give it to someone who knows. I am in WI and we use a 50/50 seed mix (50% kentucky blue/ 50% rye) I would assume you could use the same, The application rate should be on the bag (we use 4 lbs per thousand)
    Use a good starter fertilizer with a high middle number ( 18-24-12) You should talk to Lesco or somone that can tell you. Are you seeding with a seeder? what are you going to work the soil with? Just don't plan on showing up with a rake and some seed. As far as timing I don't know what the temps are out there......We have a skid steer, harley rake and a brillion seeder and our first one was a little scary.
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    Hi Jeff,

    Blue Moon gave you good advice. In Ohio, during the spring and fall I would go with a mix of Ryegrass, Fescue and Bluegrass. 50/20/30 +/- A Rye/Blue mix like BlueMoon suggested would also be good. For a few dollars worth of seed I would suggest a little higher seeding rate with the rye in the mix. Probably at least 6 pounds per 1000. A straight blue grass could be seeded at 4 pounds per 1000, A straight rye would be about 7-8 pounds per 1000. With a blend I would go in between. In July and August I would suggest a 3 way rye mix which will produce a beautiful lawn. Normally you would have a lot of time to seed. This seems like it is going to be an early and nasty winter. Our high temp yesterday on the Ohio/PA border was 25 degrees less than in Fairbanks AK I usually seed until Early November, but may quit two weeks early this year.

    Lesco would be a good source of seeds since they are based in Ohio, There are a lot of other good sources too such as Green Velvet in Dayton or Seeds Ohio in W Jefferson and lots more.
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    i think that the rate that you should sow strait bluegrass is 1.5-3.0 #s per 1000 sq.ft. This information was from Leso's suggested seeding rate.:D

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