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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dkraft, Aug 9, 2004.

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    I planted a mix of 25% annual rye, 25% perenial rye, 25% fescue and 25% bluegrass on July 30th on 1 acre. I have been watering it everyday. It is coming up nicely. I assume it is the annual rye that is coming up. When should the other types start to grow? Will I be able to tell the difference in the other types? How long do I need to water every day, 2 weeks? 1 Month? I used a starter fertilizer, should I fertilize again before winter? What should I use? I live in Wisconsin. Thanks for your help.
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    I have never understood why annual rye is mixed with perenial rye, the germination times are about the same for both grasses. Fescue takes about a week longer and bluegrass can take 3 weeks. These germination times can vary according to temperature and watering habits. Germination times can be increaded by as much as 1-1/2 time during periods of hot weather with temperatures around 80+ degrees. Temperatures of 90 degrees and more will slow germination almost completely, temperatures of 114 degrees will kill the seed before it germinates. You probably dont get that hot in Wisconsin .
    Watering should be light and frequent. The goal here is to keep the soil moist, not muddy. Advoiding any puddleing or run off, and let the ground dry at nite until after germination. At this time increase the amount of watering time but water less frequent, still advoiding puddles and runoff. Follow up fertilization in about 4 weeks in normal, the amount used will depend on the amount already applied. I use the same starter fertilizer for follow up. Another fertilization with a blend of fertilizer a little lower in Phosphorous, (The midde number on the bag) and a little higher in Potassium, (the last number on the bag) will help make the grass a little more winter hardy. This application is usually applied around the end of oct. early nov. in my area but you may need to apply a little sooner than me since you are quite a bit further north than I am.
  3. annuel rye will germinate in cooler weather!

    what kind of fescue? tall, or fine fescue?

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