New LawnSite Give Away - Gator Rator

Sean Adams

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Perfect timing....

Bryant from Ground Breakers, makers of the Gator Rator, has graciously offered their product for the new Give Away. Like all the other Give Aways you will need to participate in order to be elligible.

There are four questions you will need to answer. Here they are...

1. What type of midmount ZTR'S are you currently using?

2. What was you best day aerating (sq footage/ acreage) and what were you using?

3. What were the Pro's & Con's of the machine you used?

4. How will the GATOR RATOR benefit your operation?

In order to participate, we ask that you are at least 18 years of age or older and a U.S. citizen (shipping purposes).

The winner will be announced on May 17, 2004.

To see the actual prize and to learn more about the Gator Rator, be sure to visit ! for more details.

Thanks everyone and good luck


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1) I am currently Using a Gravely 260Z
2) I have actually never used a aerating system on my yards. I am a new business slowly starting and trying to expand.
3) Like I said before i am a new business and i havent expanded that far into my different services, But i bet if i had used some sort of aerator other that the Gator Rator i probally wouldnt of been too pleased.
4) How will the gator rator benefit my operation you ask? Well thats easy to answer. I am a brand new business owner in the smal town of warrensburg Mo, and i am willing to do anything to make my lawn business the best in the area and possibly expand into other areas. ANd if that means going with gator rator as my official aerator than i will. It takes the best to be the best, and with the best zero turn aerator on the market i beleive that i can take my business to higher levels, By offering my customers quaity yet affordable, due to the time saved and money saved with the Gator Rator Zero Turn Aerator.


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1. We run three mid mount's, a 61" Great Dane, 50" Bunton, and a 60" Exmark.

2. My best day aerating was my worst day. I did 1 acre in about two hours. Most of my accounts are too big for a WB unit, so I decided to use a homemade thing with some bricks piled on top.

3. Pro's? Learning not to attempt to use it in public again.:eek: Con's? Pulling a rusty pile of junk around, with brick's piled on top.

4. The Gator Rator will help me and my customers by being able to aerate large properties in a reasonable time, at a reasonable price. The ability to switch it between machine's will help with scheduling.

Here's my old unit.:cry:



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Currently my primary and only unit is a 2003 lazer Z HP 23/52.

My best day was about 9 acres before my pull-behind 42" broke. I rented a unit locally to finish off the season.

The machine that I use is not adaquite for the larger types of properties that I serivce. First I had to manufacture a hitch system to be able to pull the aerator which is a negative. At every property I have to skillfully back the mower and aerator off the trailer wasteing valuable time let alone swearing up a storm when you are just about to the edge of the trailer and one of the pullbeind wheels goes off the side of the trailer (or is that just me :( ) and then more back and forth maneuvering! Finally to get both pieces off and then lug over the 50+ lbs worth of weight off the trailer mount it on the aerator which is always fun. Then when you finally get to where you need to start, get off the ol'e saddle and lift the wheel legs up while making sure my size 14's are not under any spoons (only me again :) ). then proceed to finally turn a porfit. So now that I have covered all the negatives, The one positive would be the relatively low cost of a sears aerator ($250) to go with my $20,000 truck, $5,000 plow, and 10,000 mower!

So with that in mind this awesome unit would benifit my company in its professional look and performance performance which means happier customers, which makes me happy, and being able to offer services to a wider range of clients!! After all this business is all about customer service!!

thank you, scott


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1. What type of midmount ZTR'S are you currently using?
Currently, we are not using any. No better reason to get one!

2. What was you best day aerating (sq footage/ acreage) and what were you using?
Our best aerating day was last fall, estimating about 65,000 sq ft using a Ryan Lawnaire IV. (ouch, still feeling it)

3. What were the Pro's & Con's of the machine you used?
pros- easy to use, and had no mechanical problems
cons- heavy to unload, and use on hills

4. How will the GATOR RATOR benefit your operation?
we could market and advertise to larger areas where before small residentials was all we could handle.

A GATOR RATOR would add a whole new dimension in what we could offer as a business. amount of square feet could go up, with the actual cost to do it go down. I guess you cannot ask for more with a product like this!


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Central Maryland
1. Scag Cub 52" 23HP Kawi
2. Approx 3 Acres in a day with Ryan Lawnaire 5. (I dont do many aerations because I am still renting the machine and its a hassle to rent them advertise and then get the rental in time).
3. Pro of machine were that it did a good job.
Only Cons were that it wore me out and it wasnt very wide.
4. Gator Rator would benefit me because I would then own a unit and wouldnt be dependent on local rental shops. I would get more done in less time and wouldnt be tired when I got home.

Wish me luck!


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Moline, IL
1. John Deere 757 Z-Trak.

2. Don't currently do a lot of aerating. Have been renting or using cheapo pull behind core aerator. Would like to buy a nice commercial aerator or win this one:)

3. (cheap agri-fab tow behind core aerator) Pros: don't have to walk behind it. Cons: Not made well, have to add weight, pain to back up...

4. Gator Rator would allow our company to expand in the area of aeration, productivity would go up.

Thanks for the opportunity Bryan:)


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Shreveport, La.
i currently operate a exmark lazer z 60" mid mount mower

my best day was about 25,000 sq ft using a home depot cheapo aerator.

pro's was that it aerated.

cons is it is so small that it lacks the profitability of a larger commercial grade unit which my 1 yr old company cant afford to purchase

a commercial unit would allow me to offer this service to more clients, become more profitable, while spending less time aerating. and most of all provide a good quality of aeration to my clients


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i am running two 60 inch exmark lazers.
my best day aerating was when i rented a small tractor with a 5 foot three point hitch aerator and a ryan walk behind aerator.
we did several large homes each over an acre took all day with the loading and unloading of the machines, not alot of fun.
so i bought a lesco aerator so i could do the jobs when i felt like it.
good for the small lawns but a killer on the larger ones.
the nice thing about the smaller machine was it was easier to transport but way to slow on the large propertyes.
I am marketing organic based lawn care and with that i do a lot of aerating and reseeding. This fall will be a aerating bonanza.
If i am lucky enough to win the Gator Rator i will sure give it a workout.
Thanks for letting me play Dusty.