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Discussion in ' Magazine e-Reports' started by kathyu, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Hey guys/gals,

    If you have recently registered on, THANK-YOU! Part of the sign up process is offering you a FREE subscription to Turf magazine. (don't's ALWAYS free!)

    Many of you marked yes, you would like to receive Turf, but neglected to provide a mailing address! If this pertains to you, please go to and fill out the online sub form. (it takes about 3 minutes to complete) We are anxious to begin your subscription! If you did provide your mailing address (and are in the USA), your subscription should begin arriving with the March issue!

    Thanks again all, and enjoy your time on Lawnsite! If you're in the construction biz, check out as well. It's a new forum and is just starting to really get jumping!



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