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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Jay ALC, Apr 24, 2002.

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    Hello all,
    I am proud to say I just bought a new Exmark Lazer LC w/ 60" deck and 27HP LC Kawasaki. I am not so proud to say it doesn't stripe at all. I am wondering what could be possibly wrong. I am using the regular blades (notched) that came with it sharpened to a 30 degree angle, mowing at 3.5 inches in Kentucky Bluegrass. The machine is brand new but possibly a very late 2001 production. What are the possibilities as to why it doesn't stripe? I have an Encore 36" Hydro WB that lays an awesome stripe in the same exact areas. I am desperate, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A couple of options. First if you in the St. Joseph area you should be able to get some degree of striping out of your mower, especially during the spring.

    First check the deck rake. If you have too much deck rake (front of the mower sits too low when compared to the back) you can loose the striping effect. What you want is about 1/8" of rake back to front or for the front blade tip to be 1/8" lower than the back tip when the blades are pointed straight forward.

    When setting the deck rake more often than not it is better to have your dealer adjust it rather than do it yourself. If you don't get it right, it can get real difficult real fast.

    The other option is the EZ striper. Don’t take my word for it. Do a search under EZ striper or look at some of the threads regarding striping. Thus far it's getting good recommendations from just about everybody who has tried it.

    Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.



    PS. Sorry for the delay in responding. Our web access has been a little slow today. The guys down the hall with the pocket protectors have it fixed now.
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    I put the EZ-Striper roller on Tuesday. It was easy to put on (10 minutes). It does an excellent job!!!

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    Just a word of advice; get rid of the notched foil blades. They are junk! Go with a solid foil highlift. You will have nothing but grief from those notched blades. Trust me. I was the the one that first informed everyone on here about the trouble they wre having with these blades. We did alot of research and experimentation due to the problems I was having with the streaking my mower was having. It even came down to an Exmark rep. coming out onto the jobsite with me and seeing what it was doing. We changed all the belts, and tried some different things, and it came right down to the line that I was told that they would even replace the whole deck if it was necessary to correct this problem. Well, we tried different blades and combinations, and then found that solid foil highlifts corrected the problem. Now, that's all I use. It's just something about the acoustics of the deck, that that foil notch interferes with. Breaks the lift on the center spindle, and causes a streak (grass to lay down) on the forward sweep of that spindle. Try some other blades, and you may have better luck with striping as well. I hope this helps.
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    Kinda a corny Meatloaf verse, but anyway, I agree 100% about the type of blades!

    I felt my Lazer striped quite well compared to my old Chopper. I just bought the striping roller because.....well, because it was there, and I have this "accessory" problem with everything I buy!

    Too much foreward pitch will hinder striping ability! The rear of the deck is what creates the stripe, if thats jacked way up (1/4" +) then your striping effect will be hurt. I have played around with my pitch and now mow at 1/8" higher in the rear without my 180lbs :eek: in the seat. Cuts like a dream!

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