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New Lazer Z?? Which One?

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Lennon, Mi
Newbie looking for some help. I've scoured this site (great site with lots on info) the best that I can and have decided on a Lazer Z. My local dealer who sells JD, Emark and Toro has quoted me a few choices.

1. 07 Model Lazer Z 60" with either 28 Kaw or 27 Kohler for $9328 delivered.

2. 06 Model Lazer Z 60" with 30 hp Kohler $9100 delivered. Deck mods have been done on this unit.

3. JD 757 25 hp Kaw 60" $8400 delivered.

I test drove the Z and JD and felt the Z was much more responsive and very smooth. I'm leaning towards the 28 Kaw even though I have never owned a Kaw before. Had an 18 hp Kohler that was a tank. Ran it for 14 years, never once failed, leaked oil or anything. Just backfired even when I let it idle before shutdown. I do loike the Scag Wildcat as well but no dealer close and they seemed higher. Also, I like the horitonal engine in the Z...

Any help would be appreciated, now if I can just find a $250 referal. I did call Exmark and these were only given out to homeowners. She basically said "tuff luck" if you don't know anybody with one. What a bummer!!!!


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Don't go with the '06.

The 28 Kawi really isn't proven yet, though, on paper it looks like a solid performer with it's larger displacement.

The 27 Kohler is a 27 Kohler. Good reputation. Decent power.

The 25 Kawi really isn't in the same league.


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The 28 Kawasaki, like TLS said, is a new engine with no reputation. I would stay away from a first year engine until you know that all the bugs are worked out. From the list, I would say go with the '07 with 27hp Kohler.


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pittsburgh pa
I just ordered a 07 lazer Z with 27hp kholer, mulch kit installed, light kit installed, and delivered for 10K including tax. I am signing papers this Fri. I too did some intense research and determined the 27 kholer is the best choice.

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Lennon, Mi
Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll have a few more days before I need it. It's 24 degrees outside and snowing. I do like the Kohler as well, Bob