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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roy Veronee, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Roy Veronee

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    I was pleased to find this website. Here is my question. I am a new LCO, less than a year. Have about 60 cstomers. 90% residential, commercial is a bank, a Post Office, and a boat landing/fish camp. I was recently contacted by the manager of a nearby hotel who asked me to give him quotes on the following:
    edging, trimming, pruning, replanting two areas by the pool ce. 10x15 ea. and either a fountain or some kind of eye catching planting by the front entrance. Where can I go to get ideas for this and ideas on how to charge for the maintenance?
    Thanks for any input. This is a great website and I am sure I will use it frequently.
  2. allstar

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    Hi Roy,
    I'm new to this business myself so I'll let some of the more experienced LCOs help you.Just wanted to welcome you to the website and wish you good luck.
    I,too,live in the great state of SC;currently live in Lexington but grew up very near to you in Manning.
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    Hey Mr. Veronee.:waving: You guys pulling any big cat's out of the lake down there? Good ta see more South Carolinians joining the ranks.:D

  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi Roy Veronee,

    Here is an idea. Why not post a breakdown of your job quote here and allow others to critique it ?
  5. DennisF

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    Welcome Roy!

    If you are not experienced in landscape installations I would try to sub-contract those jobs to someone with a good deal of knowledge on the subject. Landscape installations can be very tricky to bid, not to mention the actual layout and other design factors involved.
    As far as mowing, trimming, edging and prunning is concerned, you should try to make a schematic of the layout of the property involved and determine the total square footage that has to maintained. Once you know those numbers you can compare the square footage to those residential and commercial accounts that you are currently maintaining. If there is a lot of shrubbery and hedge work involved you need to take that into account also. Hedges and shrubs are very time consuming, but a lot of income can be produced in maintaining them.
    Once again welcome to the business and good luck!
  6. WeatherMan

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    Welcome to lawnsite Please give us a little more Info on the job.

    I live in cincinnati,oh but have a lake house in GreenWood SC And I catfish At Lake Santee At least 6 times a year Gotta Love the lakes of SC

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