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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare, Jan 7, 2002.

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  2. When was the last time you looked at a mail box.

    It says it meet federal postal guide lines or regulations.

    The reason it is a federal offence is because you are considered tampering with the mail if you touch the mail inside. ie: federal gov is the post office.

    Cunsumer buys mail box, but once in use it's a federal item.
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    I call them up and have them come and bid my lawn ,this gives me an inside edge on what they are all about then depending on how I feel I ask them to leave nicely and show them their flyer and tell them to stay off MY TURF or they will get a GHETTO ASS WHOOPING .:D :angry: :blob2:
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    not only is it illegal to put anything or anyone's mail box (flag, door, inside or on the box) i wouldn't want to be caught touching anyone's mailbox with all of the terrorism going on. no telling what charges they'd slap on you.

    i was there when 65hoss and the postmaster had the conversation, I had no idea prior to that.
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    I leave a bill in 90% of my customers mailboxes, I have even had mailmen put them there for me when I forgot ,I park in front of mailboxes all the time and I go out of my way to run grab my customers mail when i see that little white truck coming ,I must be in violation of all kinds of federal law but the funny thing is no postman or customer has ever even made the slightest comment about it? huh ,must be that small town mentality that keeps me out of the federal pen! I';ll put a flyer in a mailbox in a heartbeat and I'll chunk a competitors in the trash just as quick ,yea I welcome competition, no better form of it than a face to face pow-wow with a scrub as you guys call them or some slicker in his chino's and italian shoes .Don't make me a damn ,just another day -just another hard dollar ,DAWG:D
  6. This is probaly one of the least inforced laws around (at least before 9-11)

    Kind of like do you speed?

    I like James idea, I used to do similar but, they got smarter on me with the truck parked in the drive.

    It all boils down to the individual postal person.

    I leave bids in mail boxes, per customer request.
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    Heck a couple years ago I had an invoice for a customer that was ready to be mailed but forgot about it because I had no postage so the next day I was driving on that side of town & decided to just throw it in their mailbox......Well 2 days later it appears in my mailbox with a big fat RETURN to sender postage due.........The mail person had taken it out and sent it back!!!! Talk about dumb!:mad:

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