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new leaf machine from craftsman...


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e. pennsylvania
(assuming my first attempt at loading a pic is successful), waddya' think, POS or the next big thing? time to replace the walk behind blowers?

leaf machine.gif


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btw, there are a lot of others like that pic at www.wroth1000.com it is a site dedicated to photoshopping. pretty cool :cool:

kirk brown

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that would be sweet if you could get a snow shovel attachment as well:)


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It looks like a mini-loader with a really silly rake attachment, but...

What I can't figure out is, take a look at the pic...
There is a guy sitting on TOP of what appears to be the cabin itself, there appear to be windows on the white square box below the seat, the whole thing at this point makes no sense... Why are there windows on the box, and if it is a cabin, what is it doing below?

Of course, if the can in his hand happens to be a beer, then it makes sense.


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northwest ohio
only one real mistake...yes graphics and photshop is my other job...

the long shadow behind the rake, the shadow should be cast over the rake, its to bright on the front of the rake, should have the shadow cast over it..

but thats all i see as the giveaway.... (A-)