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New Leaf Property Service's Picture Thread.

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by NLPS, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Picture post #2 D03216C1-1D23-4227-85CB-70ED38128393.jpeg
    ^Alliance G2 sand, really like using this for hardscraping it’s rain ready in an hour. Got to meet the Alliance crew on Friday, hoping to install some Gatorbase patios/walks this summer. 38798852-91E0-461F-A12A-8E5B76A17017.jpeg 54C37CD0-9131-4AF8-AC9B-B7A220D837AA.jpeg A18FBAA6-38C3-4E03-A55A-AE494E762BB1.jpeg
    ^a couple yards from the fall, free range chickens were an interesting one.

    ^progress shot of one of the septics I’ve worked on this past fall. D18BB2F1-B631-4D7E-A03E-5EB99B3AA349.jpeg 7DD2655F-6910-49D8-A05D-83C128A90B1D.jpeg
    ^leaf clean up (no after shot as it was almost dark) and brand new rental blower. 1A3699BF-359D-4559-9240-F409E4929AE2.jpeg
    ^also purchased this old single stage toro for around the house and maybe future snow removal contracts.
    ^husqvarnas european sidewalk machine (photo creds to my Husqvarna rep) A2E2210B-E073-4BB3-AA00-B790FE99C738.jpeg
    ^a comically high snowbank near where I was plowing this winter.
  2. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Picture post #3
    BB9840FD-8190-4491-B241-1344AD4F4200.jpeg 7D66F795-D64A-4153-9DE8-E3693475F760.jpeg
    ^#1:what it looked like in the summer, #2 fall clean up.
    ^ emergency purchased Husqvarna 435e B3D67365-606B-454B-B192-8F63ADB2EBC8.jpeg
    ^Bosch grl500hck, bought this for my hardscape projects and for future septic systems. Im liking the “auto detect slope” feature.
    ^an interesting septic system I participated in helping out a family members business. This system uses coconut husks and peat moss as the filtering media, really easy to install also. (Would not reccommend putting the filter material in on a hot day)
    ^last weeks mess, just missed the trailer but still 2ft deep:realmad:.

    ^upgrade to the spreader.
  3. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Picture post #4 00E66501-941C-4B34-9FFC-D8DD28192F82.jpeg
    ^ drone shot of the tornado mentioned previously, had to go clear trees for family friends once the damage was assessed. The event was sobering, lots of people lost homes, power was out for almost two weeks, trees power lines and house debris was spread everywhere. Thankfully no one was killed. credit:https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/tornado-researchers-keep-an-eye-on-changing-climate
    FC5ED7BD-54BB-46A9-A295-83A45EFF430B.jpeg 36A0FAEF-B287-4669-ACA3-D039BD88DF1A.jpeg
    ^more winter photos, #1: my winter work, changed it up this winter and got onto a sidewalk machine with a local landscape company. #2 another comically high snowbank on a site they plow.
    94967FFB-1FEC-4563-B17A-8269A5D8F89B.jpeg BDBF9946-CD33-4464-82BE-E9F2325BD12E.jpeg
    ^ Frozen storm water pipe on a customers property.
  4. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Today’s action. Working for the family company as it’s still way too really to do any lawn mowing or property clean ups.

    Today’s task was installing 40m (131ft) of weeper tile outlet pipe. The homes here are built at or slightly about rock and most of the area has a high water table.

    We used HL8(3/4” clear) around the pipe, incase of a pipe blockage the water can still outflow to the ditch. Then topped with filter fabric and GA (3/4” crusher run) to help keep the mud away from the pipe and cloth.
    FD4CC31B-4834-41C6-841F-F6AF47838C1A.jpeg 4BBCAE34-116A-4CEB-BCEA-2F3F6EF4F4EE.jpeg 6013801C-02A4-4119-8045-A3B318872626.jpeg
  5. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Trying out some new design software, little bit of a learning curve but overall not so bad.

    Also picked up the new truck, last one was 10 years old with 300K kilometres on it.

    Ready to start this season right!:weightlifter:
    152D89E0-76AA-4A26-A2AB-D11EF85BE7BF.jpeg 0F62DD65-52EF-424E-BA53-D2C2AA96615D.jpeg 096E0492-5B66-4BE3-828B-F8E4D49CB6D8.jpeg 448EA183-C2F3-435A-A31D-06F27CB47FBF.jpeg
  6. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Little bit of mulch work for a new maintenance client.
    7330EBA5-CFD2-4580-8378-6FB40C335B32.jpeg 7792BD33-C810-445C-98F3-38BE53EEE98C.jpeg
    May mowing, got too close to a ditch and slid in - mower was proper stuck.
    A1B6454C-B9C0-4E95-816C-9B20970B3311.jpeg B36A7BDF-50F5-4467-864F-2CA07B92E96D.jpeg 37BB8869-DE6E-48F7-B6B1-6F7874375CCC.jpeg
    Late spring season aerating, the aerator is a bluebird but for some reason the people I bought it from painted it red.

    Small Riverstone job.
    3A9B2AE7-A2F9-4611-82A7-3C3EEA53694D.jpeg 7ACAA342-5923-462C-9AC8-4D78822684E8.jpeg

    Had to move this lilac with no tree mover. Tufx makes’ em strong for a reason!

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  7. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    New one for me, had a request to cut this lawn during construction (house was destroyed in the tornado) wound up doing a lot of trimming as I don’t need the headache of framing nails in my tires:hammerhead:.
    59201C60-3B2E-4FB7-B9BC-2F7778DC01E2.jpeg 5FF6BF20-3E16-47CA-A419-4B2ED7C79C19.jpeg
    And before even mowing the deck belt decided to slip off the tensioner and between the tensioner arm and the pulley :wall.
    Finally got on the Surecan bandwagon, I can say these are well worth the price tag.
    Also upgraded to a Toro 22” with personal pace and blade stop, it is a significant step up from a 14 year old Murray 22” and a lifesaver on the hills.
  8. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Anyone ever have a tank rot out on a STIHL trimmer?

    Surecan‘t beat a Surecan

    A couple of my maintenance clients.
    AABEED34-B30A-4BC9-877B-7C9C7E520FD8.jpeg 2F7F7A62-A8F3-4BA8-B037-905D56C85BFE.jpeg

    As if flooding wasn’t bad enough, it seems the rain just has to have the last word .
  9. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Finally went ahead and got an Advanced chute for the MZ52, this makes mowing much better:clapping:.

    98DD1374-191D-4751-A676-C0FA90F42311.jpeg 40E539B8-AAA0-40C4-AB99-8ED4263928BA.jpeg
  10. OP

    NLPS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 152

    Well I hope everyone’s summer was a great as ours, this summer has been awesome! Business has tripled, new equipment, newish truck and new trailer, jobs booked for 2020.

    1B0FC742-A725-4C9E-9CB5-45383C85062A.jpeg 703B5AB7-F024-404D-B093-5E3DA8B9B6B5.jpeg

    Start of a septic system for the part time work.

    Practically new BR600, I will say that Husqvarna is always going to be my favourite outdoor power brand but this thing can move some air!

    BA9509B8-0991-4F7C-941E-7E0E6C5F0A7F.jpeg 7F9474A8-33DD-4159-A6D2-4FD2E052D4AE.jpeg A79428C0-2DA1-4FA5-B7D3-A38110033CBC.jpeg A7FC1AA4-ADB0-48DA-8C36-49ECC4950039.jpeg
    One of our biggest weeding/tear out jobs (yes there are weeds left on the last picture, we got them out the next morning)

    And something new to round out the summer! Super excited to not have to load/unload all the maintenance equipment every time we mow.



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