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    New! Integrated LED Recessed Lighting from VOLT®!

    Recessed down lights are commonly found both inside and outside the home. Since they often use high wattage incandescent lamps, they must (because of new legislation) be replaced with more efficient light sources.

    There are two options:
    1. Replace old bulbs inside the recessed fixtures with VOLT LED Light Bulbs, or
    2. Replace the existing reflector and trim ring with the new Integrated LED VOLT® Recessed Downlights featured here.

    These new integrated LED Down Lights from VOLT® are dimmable, affordable, and easy-to-install.

    • Outdoors – Under eaves, overhangs, and entryways
    • Indoors – In drop ceilings or wherever recessed can lights are used.
    Features and Benefits
    • UL listed for indoor and outdoor; wet and dry locations
    • Fast and easy installation – includes medium socket adapter to connect to existing 120V socket
    • Unconditional Lifetime Replacement Warranty
    • Soft white (2,700K) & Dimmable


    • 4", 50W replacement (DL4-50): 8W, 550 Lm – replaces R20 and PAR20 bulbs
    • 4", 80W replacement (DL4-80): 12W, 800 Lm – there is no direct replacement since this model is far brighter than any available R-type lamp that fits in 4" can
    • 5"/6", 80W replacement (DL56-80): 12W, 800 Lm - replaces BR30 & PAR30
    • 5"/6", 120W replacement (DL56-120): 19W, 1,180 Lm - replaces PAR38
    • 6", 120W replacement (DL6-120-EB) (eyeball articulated style): 19W, 1,200 Lm - replaces PAR38

    Go to VOLT® LED Recessed Lighting web page.
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