New Lesco Website


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Hey guys n girls,

Just wanted to let you know that the new Lesco website is now up and running..


Complete information and pricing of all equipment and materials
MSDS & Labels for all fertilizer products
Store locator
News and updates
and alot more!!

Check it out:


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You'll even be able to retrieve those signed invoices that "the guys" lose under the seats of their trucks!

We waited a long time for this & it cost us a boat-load of money.

This spring might see a slow down in invoicing at the counter. Not all the stores are fully up on the T1 hardwire to the systems main frame yet. The wires are in. But final direct-access subscription costs are high.

We're getting there.



Island Lawn

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Thanks for the heads up qualitylandscaping!

I've been needing a couple of labels for a while now and I cant seem to hold the attention of the ever-changing staff at my lesco!