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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Lite4, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Lite4

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    I am currently in the process of putting together an 8-12 page brochure/catalog directed to homeowners interested in lighting. This is something I will send to a prospective client prior to meeting with them on their site. It will be filled a lot of large high quality photos of architectural and landscape lighting, showing some of the many varied effects that can be achieved by the trained professional. The main focus of this brochure will be to answer common questions and train the homeowner about what they should expect out of their lighting package as well as what they should expect and ask their contractor.

    In a brief synopsis it will cover topics such as: Voltage drop and the halogen cycle, 120 vs. 12 volt costs associated with installation and operation, Effect lighting - using filters, louvers, colors etc., Controller options, common reasons for lighting, Most frequently asked questions about lighting and so on and so on. You get the idea.

    I am making these so that any lighting company could use it. There will be a place inside for you to either attatch a card, a stamp or you could have it custom printed with your logo and company info. I am printing about 500 for me to start with. If you would be interested in this, I can send you a copy of the catalog once they are completed. I just need a good sales tool for precontact info to prepare the client for when I arive. It should cut down on the time I spend at the meeting. It will also help sell them on the beauty of lighting prior to me even meeting with them.

    I don't know pricing yet, I am still trying to hammer down the price with a printing company now.
  2. pete scalia

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    Why not make it downloadable from your website, you can add to it, change it at will. Much cheaper. You are going to be knocked on your keyster when you find out the cost for 500 pcs printed on a press. Even printed digitally in color it won't be cheap. The higher the qty the lower the per pc cost. If you don't do the typesetting yourself that will be an additional significant fee from a graphic designer.Great marketing for you but the problem with others using it is this
    Not their photos or maybe not the same philosophy (look how many conflicts in philosophy and methodology their are here)

    You can offer it as a free report for those interested in lighting to raise their hands. They'll need to provide their info to receive the free download.
  3. extlights

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    We are actually doing something along the same lines except with DVD's. It will be given to the customer when one of the guys arrive at the home and the homeowner can watch it while our guy is setting up the demo. It goes through our entire process from signing of the contract, to the final finished walk through. It also acts as our portfolio which shows before and after photos with nice music lightly playing in the backround.

    The hope is that it cuts down on demo time, and answers most of the questions that a lot of homeowners have during the demo. We still haven't decided if we are going to send it out and have the homeowner watch it before we arrive for the demo, or give it to them when the designer arrives. Either way I think it will help a lot with speeding up the demo times. I think your idea with the catalogs will work as well....but as pete mentioned, the cost of those might pretty high unless you have a good printing connection.
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    My question to you....

    Are you certain that your prospects/clients are really all that interested in the technical aspects of the LV lighting system? I used to think that everyone would be thrilled with all of the information I have to offer. Turns out most really don't care to know or understand it, they just want a lighting system that looks fabulous, functions flawlessly and lasts forever!

    You might want to do some market research before you get into small scale publishing...

    A simple, yet great online or digital portfolio could be the answer to your needs.

    Have a great day.
  5. Lite4

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    You all have very valid points. Perhaps I am overcomplicating the process again. I got the idea for the small catalog from Aquascapes. They produce pond and waterfall pumps and filters, as well as an entire system for building ponds. When I was building ponds and waterfeatures it was an incredible sales tool that answered a lot of the simple questions we always would get asked time after time. After using it for a while we noticed we were selling to a much more informed clientel. The amount of questions and opposition dropped dramatically and our sales came much easier. Was just thinking of trying to duplicate the process for the lighting biz.
  6. pete scalia

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    The idea is great just modify it to suit your needs. Aquascape is a multi million $ company they can afford the slick marketing materials.
  7. Mike M

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    A simple, yet great online or digital portfolio could be the answer to your needs.

    Someone here posted recently about the success they have doing a simple post card mailer, which directs prospects to the website. The website has all the images, lighting education, and guidelines for cost structure, and phone number.
  8. pete scalia

    pete scalia LawnSite Senior Member
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    Now your taulkin'
  9. Lite4

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    I forget I live in the age of the internet. Mike G. has the right idea putting the articles on his site for the homeowners to read. That is a good pattern to follow. Thanks for steering me away from this one guys. Now if only I could target a digital postcard to certain neighborhoods via the web. Then I would never have to print and mail another piece of mail. Dang those spam filters though.
  10. steveparrott

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    I agree, high quality multi-page brochures are very expensive. An impressive website will be a far better long-term investment. Of course you should have a few copies of an excellent printed portfolio that you lend to prospective clients.

    A few other ideas:

    - Business card CD's - can contain your entire website and a link to the live version.

    - iPhoto Picture Books - Believe it or not, you can create an absolutely beautiful hardcover 20-page (or more) book containing whatever content you want for $30. I did a photo shoot for a contractor and he used the photos to create a "thank you" book for the client. He gave me a copy - I couldn't believe the quality. You can also create calendars and cards through iPhoto. Go to the Apple website to check it out.

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