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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Braphael, Aug 27, 2009.

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    I have a request for proposal to completely redesign the lighting for a putt putt golf course. There is line voltage for transformers throughout the facility, but I need to verify that they are on separate circuit breakers. There are plenty of trees for downlighting, but pathlighting will also be necessary. My challenge is finding pathlight fixtures that are going to stand up to the customers playing on them. I guess some commercial type bollard might work best. Has anyone done anything like this?
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    This is exciting! We are currently working with putting green companies nation wide in helping design outdoor lighting for putting greens. Matter of fact we are on a project today with one of the nations largest putting green companies so I think we can definitely help you here!

    In a public / commercial project like this you are definitely going to have to install a product that will not only withstand the normal natural elements and not corrode and fall a part over time but you also will need to contend with vandalism. I don't think I have ever been on a putt putt course that hasn't had damaged fixtures. The fixtures are usually the unsightly pagoda style that are not very pleasing to the eye. Down lighting will be your number 1 friend in this type of project and should be considered first and foremost before any area / path lights are considered.

    When you do put a light in the ground you must anchor it in and you must use a stake such as a Perm A post or in our case a Zero-G Docking Post. This will help in anchoring in your fixtures. We also have an option for the Zero-G that will allow you to use a solid casted brass cap to thread into making for a much more durable mount.

    We also have a full line of commercial bollards that would be an even better option for this type of situation ensuring limited damage!

    Most importantly we have our Augusta Putting Green fixture that could be placed in each hole of the putt putt which would help illuminate the flag stick and flag. Of course these will need to be maintained regularly and would not work on holes that have tubes that travel to other locations! LOL

    Anyway, we would love to help you out. If your interested please feel free to contact us!
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    Photos are going to help out a lot here. I would suspect that with a bit of ingenuity and lots of skill you would be able to effectively light the space without obstacles like path lights. Use a theatrical lighting design approach: Hidden sources and projected light.

    By using the structures on the course to mount your fixtures to, and the trees for downlighting, along with some small, hidden niche fixtures, you could end up with an awesome project. (money is no object of course! ? :) )

    Share some photos here and you are sure to get a lot of design suggestions.

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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I will be taking nighttime pictures of the facility this weekend, and will share them for your thoughts. Right now, there is a ton of glare and extension cords all over the place. The new owner doesn't like the look, not to mention the safety issues. I think I will start by lighting one or two holes demo style and see what he thinks. From there, I can get a better idea of the look he is after, and give him a more accurate proposal. He is also interested in redoing the lighting outside his restaurant. This could be very good.

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