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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Runner, Mar 19, 2001.

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    Does anybody have any experience with the new Kawi 27hp. LC engine? A friend of mine just bought a Lazer today with this motor. He was almost convinced, because of mine, to go with the fuel injected unit, but the shop owner talked him into the LC. I have another friend that's about to do the same thing. Any input?

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    What do you mean by experience? Yes I have a 27LC Lazer and love it! Mechanically all I have done so far is change oil and filter a few times and adjust free load RPM's. Cant wait to get on it and mow this year. I did order the susp seat, as they dont come standard as your injected Lazer did. I have only a few hours on it, as I got it late in the season last year. But so far it has been a strong engine. I only wish that the electric fan was thermostaticly controlled and not fixed on all the time. This would help with Spring and Fall engine warmup time.

    I believe he made a good decision, albiet a hard one to choose between these two excellent power sources.

  3. Runner

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    Thanks! That's bacically what I meant by experience!lol:) He opted for the deluxe seat also, as well as the leg operated lift. (I talked him into those). I'll let him know when I talked to him! Thanks again. :)
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    I've got the LazerZ with the 27LC Kawaskai. Like Dixie, I've just changed the oil and filter and blades. Have about 24 hours on it. Engine runs well, more than enough power for wet, thick heavy grass with 60" deck. Have turned double blades as experiment with no noticeable decrease in power, but have been using singles again now that I've got things mostly under control. [Quality of cut is excellent both ways] I thought I'd try it for a while before I decided on the deluxe seat and won't get it now as the stock one is fine.
    I'm quite happy with the Kawasaki. Will

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