New logo design what do you think?

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by CJCuttingEdge, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. CJCuttingEdge

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    Scagrider so you think a landscaping business would be better of named CJ rather then CJ cutting edge? Just asking because you said most important get rid of "cuttibg edge" I hired a designer last year what a joke that was I will post what he "designed" later. Scagrider btw look at the new design it is 2 fonts not three
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  2. CJCuttingEdge

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    from USA
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    I couldnt agree more! I am so sick and tired of this Winter and all the snow that has came with it. I dont mind being in my truck alot but plowing is getting old, cant wait to spend 2hrs in the truck and 6hrs mowing or 20mins in the truck and 8hrs landscaping! vs sitting in my truck for 5hrs plowing:sleeping:
  3. clean_cut

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    MUCH better, I'd keep moving along with the bottom one, and maybe make the "CJ's Cutting" a more vibrant green.

    Keep improving it, it's getting better. :)
  4. clean_cut

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    Also, that grass on "EDGE" is sorta strange to me, It's like grass growing on top of a tree or something o_O maybe you could move it to the bottom of the "EDGE"

    I just was reminded of this too, why do you have a reflection only under the word "edge" and nothing else. It's like having three trees in a picture, one with a hard shadow, and two without, strange huh? I'd change it to all shadows/reflections, or none.

    Keep improving it! It's getting better! Hope I could help.
  5. scagrider22

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    CJ's Lawn & Landscape. Anything with the name "cutting edge" has been used to death. There is about 10 companies in my county alone with different variations of cutting edge. Plus I think it looks funny when a business has a really long name, its also harder for people to remember your name. Oh and if customers are searching for you in google a million companies will come up before yours when the key words "cutting edge" are used.
  6. MarkintheGarden

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    I liked the first one better and with the maple leaf. It had sharp clean lines.
    Although, I would change the first one so that the word edge is in the same font.
  7. MileHigh

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    the lawn and landscape needs to be closer to the cj cutting edge.

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