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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by AltaView, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. UGA

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    Looking pretty good now. I just finished mine as well.

  2. Lanelle

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    I notice that you always include a tree in the logo. Do you offer tree services? The last one sorta sends the message that you are a tree service but the tag line is contrary to that.
  3. Green in Idaho

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    from Idaho
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    UGA if you would like feedback ,maybe a new thread.

    Keving the latter two sample are doing pretty good. I agree with the tree images deal written above.

    The last version is fine, but it puts in the bucket with 10,000 other mowers in SLC. Further that logo could appear in any town in America. It's bland!

    If you want to be different--- start with your logo. You are looking at the beautiful Wasatch Mountains! Start there. And there's awesome skiing sooo close....

    something like:
    Wasatch Greens
    Double Diamond Landscapes
    Sego Lawns (obvious logo is the Sego)

    "Express" doesn't do much for me other than say "we"re cheap and quick". IF that's you , great!
  4. AltaView

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    Thanks to all of you for your feedback and suggestions. I have been re-thinking the name and logo. In order to be more specific to the area and to NOT suggest quick or cheap I think I have decided on Alta View Lawn & Landscaping.

    One possible logo is here.

    Your continued feedback is appreciated.


  5. michigangrass

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    If at all possible...print out at actual size and take a look at it from a distance.
    Our first signs looked great on a monitor but were difficult to read from any distance.

    Keep it simple and keep it unclear message, people will be trying to figure out what you do rather than writing down your number.
  6. Lanelle

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    This is definitely more expressive and is a nicer image to project. I like the illustration that you have posted but I would change the arrangement a bit. Try putting the name in a larger font under the mountain tops and extending out to the right. Then it will make sense to put the phone number under that on signs. Also, the mountain tops don't look right being overshadowed by the lettering.
  7. Green in Idaho

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    from Idaho
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    Good logo concept! I like the name too! Early in the phone book and a nice name!

    Image needs adjustments though. Different trees (if any) little bigger font and placement to the left of the peak or right per Lanelle. "Maybe" adjust the shading... something like the 'East' aspect in gray shading, and the 'west' without in clear and with the name.

    Michigan has a good point. Print it out on 81/2 x 11 and flash it to someone who hasn't seen it before. From 20 feet away show it for 2 seconds and then ask them what it was.

    Then take a copy down to your local grocery store and stop a couple people, "Excuse me. Can you help me? I'm doing some marketing questions on a new logo. What do you think of when you see this?" Have some cards with your phone number on them, you might pick up a customer out of 20 people.

    Bottom line is YOU will be looking it at EVERY DAY! What do you want to look at and what will potential customers think.
  8. AltaView

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    Ok, I have decided to have a group of professionals help me with this. Take a look at this and let me know what you think. I like the design but am looking for a different color scheme and maybe not having the sunburst effect over the mountains.



  9. Green in Idaho

    Green in Idaho LawnSite Senior Member
    from Idaho
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    different font on the name and no background behind the letters so one can read it easily and quickly.
  10. ksland

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    What do you guys think of this logo? I made it for a buddy.

    baystate turf logo.jpg

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