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    please let me know what you guys think about the logo, any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    I'm not really crazy about any of them, my pick would be the middle one, but it just looks strange. Just being honest
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  3. StihlMechanic

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    You make these with clip art? no offence but I personally dont like any of them but they wont make or break your business IMO. Good luck.
  4. Tizzy

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    im not crazy about any of them. if you have the money i would recomend going to a sign shop and having them transfer your ideas to the logo. they have much better programs for it. i got mine done for cheap. was only like $30bucks.

    draw out what you want and have them do up something fancy thats what i did.
  5. elitelawnteam1

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    Yeah, I don't really fancy any of them to be honest

    I think the one with the dark green leaf is pretty close to mine, but there's too much text.

    for example, my full business name is The Elite Lawn Team, but because I don't want to say that every time I answer my phone, I made it into an abbreviation, and it took me a few times to get to my current logo, the goal is to keep it simple, unique and easily recognizable.
  6. PK Mows

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    Something to consider is how well will your logo convert to different uses. I would guess you would want it to be able to look good in print, silk-screened, embroidered, online and in decals or other signs. I think you may have some trouble with all that shading converting to silk-screening and definitely with embroidery.

    They also seem a little dark to me. Color selection is a science all its own. Check up on how colors are used in advertising and the effect they have on people's emotions.

    I would suggest consulting with a professional for something as important as a logo. Your logo is going to be one of the first things potential Customers see and will affect how they perceive you. People will form their initial, and longest-lasting, impression of you in the first 7-10 seconds of their first contact with your company, so spend a few dollars on your logo if you intend to grow.

    Plus, a Graphic Designer will be able to provide you with all the file types you need for different printing applications. That itself might save you some money, some printers will want to charge extra to convert files.
  7. BandBLawncare

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    I havent seen any of these around I cut in the Ironton Ashland Area, good luck this season were off to a good start
  8. cutman2000

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    I like logo2 better
  9. wheebil

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    Start over. None are catchy and the leaf design is too contemporary.

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