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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HarryD, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. LB Landscaping

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    Check out ebay, you can get logo designs at auction really cheap, I got one a few months ago and was very happy with the quality and the communication of the artist.
  2. Mykster

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    I think it would be a great idea if they had a link or a sponsor on LS. Can't beat the prices for the quality of work their producing.
  3. UGA

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    And I believe they are a sponsor:0
  4. turfmarketing

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    Yep, that is a service we offer. And we are sponsors.

    But that doesn't mean we expect any sort of protection or preferential treatment. I say bring-on the competition. We've thrived and grown for the past eight years by providing UNMATCHED customer service, outstanding creative solutions and at a fair price.

    We're not always the cheapest, but that's O.K. You can't be everything to everybody.
  5. Mike Bradbury

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    Seems like a lot of fuss about logo's on this site. It's not like it's a necessary (or even beneficial) thing? Logos are only valuable when people have seen them enough times to identify your company BY YOUR LOGO, without seeing the name. That's VERY FEW businesses of any kind. Most of them large conglomerates that have spent millions of dollars on advertising to identify their logo as part of their corporate identity.
    I've seen some neat ones here and I'm not knocking them or the desire to have one, but it isn't going to get you business or do anything else to change your life. :eek:
  6. Tbarchaser

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    I used, Fairly easy process I had 25 designers to choose from.

    Is a professional logo necessary? Maybe for your business its not, but I will be going toe to toe with Tru Green in my area. and I want to be as professonal as possible. And I will be getting ahold of a copy of their proposal. Not the #'s jut the presentation.
  7. turfmarketing

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    I have to respectfully disagree with the comment that only large corporations with huge advertising budgets need logos. Actually, the opposite is true. Large corporations spend enough money to create name recognition without a logo. A small company can use a logo to create an image and sense of professionalism without an elaborate marketing program.

    Just one example; This past year, we were hired to help a local real estate management company improve their marketing efforts. They were very locally successful and ran a first-class operation. Problem was that they were attempting to expand into new areas where they didn't have the same name recognition. In addition, our community is experiencing a lot of growth from out-of-town businesses and residents. The new residents no nothing about this business or their reputation.

    Anyhow, the first thing I did was suggest that they need a logo. The owner said, "We're not McDonalds or IBM, we don't need a logo! Besides everyone around here knows that we are first-class." They had been just using their name in a standard typeface and that is what they wanted to continue doing.

    Last month I noticed that one of their competitors (a less professional organization) was building a new business complex in the community and guess what? The new complex sign uses the exact same typeface and same color as that of my client. Everyone in town thinks that the complex is being built by the reptutable developer and not their less reputable competition.

    There is no doubt that it was intentionally done and my client can't do a thing about it. The less reputable business is piggy-backing on the hard work and professionalism of my client's business. That is why you need a copy-protected logo.
  8. lawncare3

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    Mine below:

    Made it in a good amount of time.

    Just think for a couple of days.
  9. Groundcover Solutions

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    I will have to agree with trufmarketing on this one! I think that a logo helps make you look more professional. It is also makes you look more established. If you just use times new roman and your company name then anyone can take out a few letters or just change it a little to make it look like yours and make people think they are you. Defiantly get your name registered so other companies can not use your name. A logo is an essential part to your company in my opinion.
  10. AltaView

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    You should checkout *************. It's pretty cool.

    AltaView Lawn & Landscaping

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