New Look For ELM

Eric ELM

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Chicago, IL USA
I gave a new face lift over the past couple of days. I was trying to make it easier to get around and clean up the first page. I will be adding more articles and when I get time, try to make a list of links to some of the better threads here in Lawnsite. I'm not sure if I like the new look or the old look best. Right now the new one is on the left, the old one is on the right. Which one you like better. New one, Old one or Neither.


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Central, IA
looking good, i like the new one, its a little easier to get around.


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You're supposed to let the competition catch up to you a little. ;)

Looks even better than before.

The plug right on the home page about Dixie Choppers I find offensive, but otherwise it's great!

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They both look great! I see the Sears house is back!


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stanfield nc
The secret to success is to always be
looking for a little better way.
Also keeps it interesting which I believe
is most important.Classy setup


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Great new look, Eric. I like this a lot better. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. And thanks for all the work you put in helping Chuck with I am sure most will agree it benefits us all and we can't thank you enough. Continue the good work , your friend Dale