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new machine yea ha

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by tomo, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 660

    hello from oz ,
    Very happy to have just bought toro 597d 60inch .
    That said i would like to ask a few questions . Exmark have helped b4 and i would like to pursue this as a resource for info now and in the future .It would appear in this country after shopping 4 the new toro 7210 or 597d LCE equipment/domestic has a lot less support than the comercial division . Unfortunate but true . I am being advised from local salesman that they r in the process of changing that structure . We will see!!

    One of the main reasons i purchased the machine was the commitment of your customer service . I will high light a particular person in engineering ,
    Pat S**** [exmark] who gave info on some very individual questions and a contact 4 toro . As u would expect i own my own business and i only expect the best from myself and every thing i do . Pat S**** added to that experience and resulted in the purchase.

    PS there is a further enquiry
    1/ although only a small issue clips that retain belt covers on deck .Many other users locally also have them falling off .I can fix this myself 4 only a few dollars but .This issue has been happening with other contactors in my area 4 some time . I would hope toro is a bit faster in the future as apperently there is still no fix . [handling of low volume major issues?]
    2/gaps in louvered radiator screen to main plastic body that covers the radiator. In the top corners u can fit your small finger thru . Used machine 45 mins and debris has made its way onto rad fins . After 8 hrs work it would be interesting.Clearly the screen does not fit well ,nothing appears to be left out .
    3/ due to slow emails from oz and most going over seas for answers [that was on a diff subject] i do need a reliable and accurate source for the upgrades updates bullitens etc concerning machine

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