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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. rcreech

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    Here is my newest machine.

    Have not used it but have played on it and really like it.

    It will be replacing my 2008 Perma Green. It has many advantages over the already proven PG Magnum!

    Ground Logic 122.jpg

    Ground Logic 123.jpg

    Ground Logic 126.jpg

    Ground Logic 127.jpg
  2. ted putnam

    ted putnam LawnSite Platinum Member
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    I like how the "guts" of that thing look well protected from fert dust and debris.What was the final price on that little jewel if ya don't mind me asking?
  3. sedge

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    I can't make out the name, who makes it?
  4. ted putnam

    ted putnam LawnSite Platinum Member
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    It's a Ground Logic. I looked hard at one of those 2 yrs ago before I bought the Z. I think they changed the handle controls a little since then but it looks pretty much the same. It looks like it's built well. I'm very interested in reviews from Creech later this spring.
  5. rcreech

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    Male, from OHIO
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    It is a Ground Logic Pathfinder.

    I looked and looked for a PG Magnum with little to no hours and couldn't find one. Thank God I found this machine as it is identical but better...and it is new!

    I didn't really want to buy an 08 model with low hours.


    I don't remember what I paid for it but I will check when I get back to the office. I am almost sure it cost $6695.

    The machine is almost exactly like the PG Magnum but it is faster, all stainless, the sulky and breaks are better and it has a pressure guage. The best thing to me is it has a Spyker spreader.

    I will definitely keep you guys updated but Brice (owner) seems like a great guy and I think that he will do great when it comes to service. I have called him several times and he always calls me back promptly.

    I am still a Z guy and think they are the best...but I just felt this machine was best for me in this situation. I needed a machine to go on a rack and be wanted a smaller machine.
  6. grassman177

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    I think it looks like it has very easy controls to use
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  7. ted putnam

    ted putnam LawnSite Platinum Member
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    This can be one of the great things about going with the smaller outfit, not that LT Rich isn't awesome in their customer service. Keep us updated!
  8. ant

    ant LawnSite Silver Member
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    good luck.. looks like a money maker..
  9. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    looks like a well built machine. i think i would also pick it over a pg also.
  10. RigglePLC

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    Sweet. What horsepower? What is source of power to drive the pump? What source of power drives the spinner? How many nozzles? Trim nozzle? Spray width in feet? Gallons per 1000 sqft?

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