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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Jan 1, 2011.

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    I'm looking to buy a stand-on spreader this year. I was wondering if you could compare and contrast the LT Rich Intermediate 36 and the Ground Logic Pathfinder? I need a machine that fits thru 36" gates and handles hillsides the best. Thanks. Matt
  2. rcreech

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    Honestly it would be very hard for me to compare the Z Spray to the Ground Logic.

    They are two totally different machines. I personally think that Z Spray is by far the best machine on the market...HOWEVER, other machines have their niche!

    The ONLY reason we kept our PG Magnums and now updated to the Ground Logic is for the same reasons you listed what you are looking for.

    Hills and Gates. And when I say hills...the Z Int and Z Max does great on hills but when you get down to the Jr and Jr 36 is doesn't do as well due to the narrow wheel base.

    If you do not have a lot of hills or gates then the Z is a much better machine.

    I have 2 Z-Sprays and the only reason I am running a GL is so we can continue to run a rack on the back of the pick up and go through gates.

    Just comparing the Z Jr to the Ground Logic...the biggest differences to me would be:

    Z Spray has more liquid capacity
    Z Spray is built like a tank
    Z Spray has awesome manuverability
    Service and Company is TOP NOTCH

    Ground Logic sticks hills better (only Jr or Jr 36)
    Ground Logic is 36"
    Ground Logic can be hauled on the back of truck rack
    So far customer service has been GREAT!

    Both machine are awesome and that is the only way they have worked their way in my line up.

    There are other machines out there too...but you have to look at getting the best value for your dollar!
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  3. rcreech

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    Just to clarify..also, I think you meant Jr36 but you said Intermediate 36.

    The Intermediate and Max does awesome on ANY hill but with the wheel base on the Jr and Jr 36 it just can't hold as well!
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    Regarding "demo hours", I figure 2 -3 hours is enough to compare each unit (unless one is inexperienced regarding ride-on sprayer/spreaders in the first place). Also keep in mind that we have been able to demo "Ground Solutions units" on SEVERAL occasions .... plus, two of my former employees are still friends of mine, and they run them on a daily basis in our town -- these guys love them, and I trust their opinions.

    We demo'd Z's, T's, PG's, and CL's for more than 2 hours each. All were from 0 miles to 480 miles from us when we demo'd them. Our least amount of time spent "trying out a unit" was in regard to TURFCO's T3000 >> this only took 30 minutes or so, and the demo took place at our facility. NOTE: This is also the same reason we have not ruled out purchasing a Lawn Solutions "ride-on" aerator.

    Rodney -- last time I spoke with Brice, he said they were trying to increase the spray volume to improve weed control. Do the 2011 units have this?

    Also, have you considered adding more RV anti-freeze to the tires for even better stability on slopes?

    I'll be at our state's annual turf grass conference later this month. I know of at least five "ride-on sprayer/spreader units" that will be displayed. While this beats having to drive 500 miles, it will still not enable us to "test drive" any of them.
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    Larry, My Intermediate should be there too, as I am supposed to pick it up there! You should say hi! BTW I did demo the "T" for more than a couple hrs earlier this year, great machine, but doesn't fit my body-type!
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    Sounds good buddy. When I attend the IA Turf Conference, I always look forward to visit with Andy. Great guy -- just like his company. Planning on going Wednesday Jan 19 in late afternoon so I don't have to pay. :laugh::laugh: Just hope we ain't plowin' snow. :cry:
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    How long did you run the Z Spray?
    I was told you were only there 15 minutes and just rode it around a couple minutes!

    Are you sure you are giving the Z a fair shake? :)

    I think you need to go run it a true 2 hours so you can throw frisbies!

    You are a Z-MAN in the making buddy!

  8. ted putnam

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    I thought he showed up there on a Sunday afternoon on his way somewhere else and they were closed (go figure). He says folks in his area are dumping Z's left and right for other machines. The only "Z dumping" I've heard about (other than from him) is folks getting rid of what they've got to upgrade with another LT Rich product.
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    Good try, Trent. He'll never switch.
  10. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Why does everyone want Larry to switch to a Z?

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