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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Jan 1, 2011.

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    thankyou for responding. how are the ground logic spreaders
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    Rodney, "RCreech" loves them. Since he's actually used them, maybe he'll respond and give you a little more info.
  3. rcreech

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    Hope things are going well as it has been a while since we have talked. Hope you have had a great year.

    Yes I am a huge fan of the Ground Logic. Seems like I just started this post a few months ago...boy how time flies!

    Just to re-cap we did start with the PG Magnums and they were a great machine. We then went with the Z-Spray units which I still think that BY FAR it is the best machine on the market and the best built machine you can buy!!!!!


    As we have grown and added personnel it was harder for us to train guys and turn them loose on the Z's. They are also a lil harder to transport.

    Thank goodness Ground Logic came out with a machine almost identical to the PG Magnums only better.

    We currently have 4 GL's and are getting ready to add another to replace a Z Jr we just sold and also adding another for a back up machine.

    So we will have 6 GL machines total but will also be running a Z Max that is a STUD on larger props.

    Compared to the PG Mag the machine is faster, stays much cleaner under the covers, has a better hopper (spyker), can go through almost any gate, and can turn quicker. The guys love them and best of all they can be hauled on a carrier rack.

    Also GL offers great service. Brice is awesome to work with.

    If I was a solo I would probably go with the Z...but the GL is good for a fleet unit.

    If you have any questions let me know!
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    wow rodney, growing nicely it sounds. i think the GL is a great machine, if you like that kind of wear and tear on your body. i cant handle all that pivoting crap like a sulky. i will take zero turn any day of the week.
  5. rcreech

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    We have truly been blessed!!!

    We have built a very good name, have a great team and have a killer salesman!

    I am doing less and less and the buisness is growing faster and better then ever.

    How is business for you?

    As far as the GL the guys have very few issues or complaints. They really like the GL's. I agree that the z is an awesome machine but just doesn't fit our model right now.
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  6. LLandscaping

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    How well do the Ground Logics hold hills? Did you consider the new zspray junior 36R?
  7. meets1

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    I went to gie and demoed and looked once since. I didn't like there handle bars and swivel action. Marlo's didn't like the pull starter rope way under the machine. Seems like a knuckle buster or rope rubbing to break the rope. Simple and easy to use though. Same set up as pg machine I think. I have two pgs and there ok, but ........ I did like the z spray but I need a smaller machine, hills, etc. I did like them though. First time I witnesses one, demoed one, and seen one.
  8. Turf Logic

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    Rodney, How do you like using the box trucks to spray out of? What are you using to get the zspray in the back of the box or are you guys using a trailer?
  9. rcreech

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    I actually have the box truck for sale at this time. It is totally awesome to spray out of. We love it!!!!

    I have a sweet deal on it if you are looking for one. I am pretty much giving it away (or feel like it).

    If you look at my pics under the profile you will see pics on the ramp we built.

    Z's go up the ramp awesome but the GL's don't go up the ramp as well because they are a little lighter.

    The main problem is about 30% of our business is seeding/renovation work and we need a truck that can be used for both seeding and spraying. So I am replacing the box truck with a pickup or possible dump truck.

    If we were only spraying and didn't seed I would probably have all box trucks.
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