New Managers at 5 apartment Complexes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Duncan IN, Mar 24, 2001.

  1. Duncan IN

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    Last year I mowed 5 apartment complexes for a company and the apartments was managed by one lady. Since last summer she has passed away and they have hired managers for each place. My problem is they want to get someone else to do the mowing. Like their son-and-law and or do it their self. 2 years ago I lost an apartment complexe because a new manager in the middle of the season hired her husband to mow it with a crappy mower because it paid so well. Any way to set up a contract to keep this from happening from year to year? Any Ideas? Has it happened to you?

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  2. Skookum

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    Well, I have been the "Husband" before and the "Friend" that got those deals in the past. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. A contract will help till the next year then they decide not to sign again and give it to the friend or husband.

    I think I would try to approach the owner of the complexes and get a deal setup with them to keep the managers out of the deciding factor on this issue.
  3. Freetime

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    I will say right off that property managers are one of my least favorite folks on the planet.
    We use to bid on commercial property and found that quality does not matter to most P.M’s., so we quit bidding unless commercial was connected to residential.

    You could word the contract to make them give thirty days written notice by certified letter of termination of contract or you will charge x amount however, this is still no guarantee you will not get the axe if some cousin, brother, Joe ed in law wants to “geet a graas cuttn biness starteed”

    You can bet your hard earned dollar that you will be the first to go on crap like this because it is just bottom line to property managers.

    P.M’s do not get paid to spend money they get paid to save.

    “Yes ma’am drain all the water out of the pool and dive right in, just be careful in the deep end you might bump your head on the bottom”

    Mo,mo,mo yo self quickly to de bank!
  4. lawnboy82

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    p.m's i think i have dealt with. i like the guy. but he is more like real estate. and i do work at his house. they pay when i bring them the bill that is all i care about. the really bad ones i think are the builders. now they are the scum of this world. the builders.
  5. thelawnguy

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    "Any way to set up a contract to keep this from happening from year to year? "

    Its called a multi-year contract. Just be sure there is some sort of escape clause in case they add 10 acres of lawn where there once was a parking lot, for example.
  6. joshua

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    its never happened to me but i feel for ya, i put a bid in on a 17 account mental home and they hired a guy because he was cheap, funny thing is they didn't want to have him do the work again this year because he doesn't know his foot from the yard.
  7. bam

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    Property managers are difficult to deal with since they are always changing.
    If you're partial to a particular site, do your best to sell a multi-year contract, just remember to account for a price increase each year and for factors such as new landscape installs or more turf to cut.
    We constantly change our contact lists, it is unbelievable how quickly managers turn over.
  8. awm

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    You might try contacting the owner.Hehires the manager to keep from having to do the crap,but if you have done good work in the past He or they may step in.
  9. Getmow

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    Contacting the owner is a good start, but don't count on it. The new property managers are trying to prove to the owner that they can run a tight ship. Unfortunately the first place they look is the LCO. There is nothing you can do about these middle managers and their predictable ways. There are, however, ways to protect your company and yourself;
    1-Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you are depending on one owner or management firm for over 25% of your work -Beware.
    2-Constantly market these valuable accounts. Doing a good job is just part of the equation. Make the owner/managers realize that they are fortunate to have your company's services through written and verbal communications.
    3-More of number one-diversify your market.
  10. Runner

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    Duncan, Welcome to the world of apartment complexes. This is what I have always sais. There is no loyalty. They will sell you out to save a dollar. There is one complex in our area that the manager's son takes care of. They scam the owners by saying there is alot more work done there than what is actually being done. The place looks like a slum. He's getting top dollar though.

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