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    Well I've started up selling sod install jobs that will be targeted towards the neighborhoods where the builders only sod the front yards... Hope something comes out of it. We do a lot of flier delivery by rolling them and rubber band around them and toss in driveways...I'll have around 5,000 of them ready at the end of next week...

    Its formatted differently on paper, but this forum doesn't carry over the formatting.

    Let me know if you think it'll work, or if anyone has any good marketing techniques for this kind of upsell... thanks for looking.

    We are now offering an even better price for professional sod installation.
    Currently we are installing truck loads of Bermuda grass for only $190/Pallet!
    One truck load has 20 pallets that cover 504 sq. ft. each.
    Just think about it…a nice, dense 10,000 sq. ft. back yard for only $3,800!
    What does this include?
    Our installation process includes:
    1. Minor grading to follow the current contour of the landscape
    2. Sod delivery & professional installation
    3. Rolling sod and cutting in all edges
    4. A great finished product for you and your family to enjoy!

    We have access to all sod types and prices vary for each type. We have the means to do heavy grading and adding in top soil or fill dirt when necessary.

    You will usually receive a written quote within 24 hrs of your call.
    All work will be completed on time, and we do not mark a job as finished until our customer is 100% satisfied.

    A beautiful landscape is only one phone call away!

    Down to Earth Lawn Care & Landscaping
    Andy Mendenhall – 770-256-****
    Rick Mendenhall – 770-490-****

    Our other services include:
    Residential & Commercial Landscape Management
    Water Gardening (Ponds & Pond-less Waterfalls)
    Pine Straw & Mulch Installation
    Irrigation Design & Installation
    Hardscape Installation
    Landscape Design
    Pressure Washing
    Leaf Removal
    Drainage Solutions
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    Marketting is always an uncertainty. Pictures work well sometimes. Too many words, may cause a loss of interest. I would lose the 10k for $3800. Cost prohibitive, w/out thinking it through. The pallet price is good enough.
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    Ya. just give a pallet price.

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