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Randy Scott

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Well,here goes.First time user and just starting business.I'm pretty nervous about the whole deal but I've been working for other people long enough.Sounds simple enough to some of you out there,huh?The only problem with this equation is,I've been an autobody technician my whole life!So this is certainly going to be a learning curve,but I'm very excited and need a challenge.I've been doing as much research as I can in the last couple months and alot of looking in on know nothing is easy,but that's what I'm looking forward to.There's already been negative talk about this industry that makes a person wonder why proceed,but every business is going to have that.There's also been alot of good!I certainly would appreciate any comments or suggestions.I just did some calling to businesses close to me, but not close enough to take their work away from them,trying to get some pricing ideas on mowing.As you can imagine,the comments went both ways,some were helpful,and some"weren't there to educate others",I can see both sides of the fence.Anyways here's my first entry and I'm looking forward to any help any of you are willing to share, and will certainly be having more posts.Thank you

Shannon Harris

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Birmingham, AL
My husband & I are new members. I accidently stumbled onto this site and I think it's very interesting.
About 3 years ago, my Mother-In-Law called my husband and said one the lady's at church needed some lawn clean up work done, for this she would pay $85.00. We were stunned at how much $ you can make working 3 or 4 hours. From that day on, my husband has added accounts, both residential and commercial. He quit his job after 2 weeks and is now grossing about $2,000/month. He has 4 commercial and 2 residential year around. He probably works about 10 hours/week or 40 hours/month. When he isn't doing lawncare, then he is helping me take care of our 4 young children; 3 weeks, 2 years, 4 years and 6 years old. I'm still making someone else rich, but I hope to join him in his lawncare biz.
We are currently trying to obtain more commercial accounts.
I think the best thing to do is look for places under construction, find out who is in charge of obtaining a Landscaper. (Do this in person) If the landscape is just being installed, find out if they are accepting bids to maintain it. If so, walk the area and try to determine how long it will take you to mow, edge, trim, blow of clippings etc..., then give them a proposal outlining exactly what you will do and for how much.
Also we have obtained some residential accounts by passing out flyers in surrounding neighborhoods. My husband still has the same 6 that he first acquired through this type of advertising. We tried valpac mail out, but never obtained a single account.
I've probably told you things you already new and left out some things that you would like to know. However, I have gone on long enough, let me know if there is anything else you would like to know.


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Hello.... I live in East Tennessee and got started in this great business by accident..I had a good job as a supervisor with UPS but it just wasn't enough...So I started mowing p/t in 1995.My first customer was a business that my uncle owned.It was just down the road.I didn't have a trailer so i drove my Lowe's riding mower, along with a craftsman weeder, to his business and mowed my first commercial account..While I was mowing a gentlemen walking down the street stopped me and asked if i would be interested in mowing another yard, I said sure.Since this yard was farther away, i had to break down and by a trailer. So, I bought a homemade 5x8 trailer for $150.00..I was on my way..After the first year, I had a total of 6 accts.(1 comm. / 5 resi.)I quit UPS in 1998 and started mowing fulltime.Today I have 90 to 110 accounts..Most of my accts. are residentials..In the past two years I've started doing a little more than just mowing, such as:aerating, seeding new yards, landscape installation, and tractor work.I'm looking at some land to purchase because I would like to open up a small greenhouse and sell landscape supplies.. Here's what I started with:1995 1500 p/u,Lowe's 14hp 42in cut,pushmower, 5x8 trailer,craftsman weedeater,craftsman blower. Today I have:1998 chevy 4x4,1981 chevy 1ton p/u,ford tractor,bushhog,yardbox,tiller,1999 Gravely pro260z,1999 Gravely pro150,2000 52in Honda hydro,(4)Shindaiwa trimmers,other various trimmers,robbin backpack blower,several handheld blowers,(8)pushmowers,6x16 open trailer,backpack sprayers,1985 John Deere 38in rider,Statesmen 46in rider. I'm really looking forward to this site...Good luck to all newcomers to the business..CleanCut

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