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new member... GranSport Mow

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GranSportMow, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. GranSportMow

    GranSportMow LawnSite Member
    Messages: 10

    hello all!:waving:

    hi i like to say i been reading this awsome forum for like the past two months, lol. ben learning alot of stuff here and found out it takes alot more than just cut and trim setup LOL!

    anyway i'm currrently disabled deaf and blind in one eye. so i can't really work full time. right now i have a source of income so i not worry about needing money at the momment, but yet would like to have a business to support me ina few years.

    for some reason it always been my hobby to mow grass. i always loved it. i grew up on an old WheelHorse Arrow and mowed my neighbors grass. and then i'd plow dirveways in the wintertime. Also i grew up on my grandpa's john deere 110 and his grasshopper... the older ones with the fith wheel at the back. But up till the time i started to drive on the street i have owned one time or another 7 mowers from getting them free and fixing then up to either flip it or mow them to death lol.

    anyway since i got laid off my job i decided to go back to mowing grass again! so far i got two friends that i'm cutting their grass and from what i can hear of i might get two more! so far i have not started to advertise yet.

    So far my setup is my 1991 Honda Accord 5-spd, 21" Weed Eater mower (sided discharge with high wheel at back), cheapest 25cc curve shaft Weed Eater trimmer from wal-mart LOL. So far everything fits in my trunk of my car and the trunk door cloeses and i don't have to fold down my seat.

    I understand i'm nowhere near as you guys are with you rigs and such but this is all i can start off and all this been already paid off. But my goal next year is to get a small truck like maybe a s-10 or ranger with a small trailer and then take my gramps old grasshopper (he just bought an eXmark and said i can have the grasshopper).

    However i have been thinking of what to charge! so far with my setup i charge $20.00 mow n trim up to .25 an acre or a city lot. pretty much an average yard in this area. Now i know what you guys call me as a lowballer and i steal services and such but i'm trying to go big but this is my startup rate.

    So far i'm trying to get together for next year. granted i started too late this year! But if you guys can i'd appreciate if there is any links or places i can look up to gain more knolodge i'd appreciate it! i've been reading this forum for over two months but there is so much! haha.

    So far i'm just trying to figure out what i need to make the business legit. all i want to do is mow trim n blow. nothing fancey and such but if i do prove successful then in like two years or so then expand.

    so far this is what i all thinking about

    make the business LLC not sure how lawyer maybe?
    get state and federal id... is that same thing or two seperate forms?
    insurance one mill libilty i take it? dunno the rates
    workman comp for myself dunno on that too!

    not too worried on mowers truck maitence and everythign i know how to take care of all that and the costs and such but that is the start of what i'm looking at. am i missing anything else to make me go legit?

    Also i have a question. i was looking at one of your threads about what have you mowed over and looks like alot of stuff could be like damages and such. if you guys damage somethig say a pipe in ground or messed up a siding of a house do you call up homeowner or call up insurance and tell them wasup and such? or what do you do? lol.

    Sorry guys beeing such a noob here but hopfully one day i will be a supportive member here!

    but anyway just want to say awsome site guys! keep up the good work! hopfully i get to meet some of ya'll!

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,780

    Welcome to Lawnsite...good luck with the start up.
  3. mowerdude777

    mowerdude777 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,735

    I wish my grandfather would give me a grass hopper mower:)
  4. GranSportMow

    GranSportMow LawnSite Member
    Messages: 10

    thanks guys! so far the grasshopper is an old one already have an aftermarket 13hp honda engine on it dunno on the old one. also it is the grasshopper with the fith wheeel at the back so it leaves like a thrid tiremark in the lawn stripes so to call it. but i like it cuts grass good but does not do hillsides. lol

    well i'm going to soon move to kentucky this winter. so i think this winter i'm going to focus on getting licened and insured and making it legal. right now i'm just doing odd jobs and such and mowing for friends n such.

    however i only have a pushmower n trimmer here so i charge lower than most guys but i'm not tring to be those overnight lowballer guys that keeps popping up lately.

    my main focus is just a basic mow n trim b blow setup and keep my overhead costs down and focus on half acare or smaller yards. so bare with me guys! nice meeting with ya'll!:waving:

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