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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by BigChaz, May 26, 2005.

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    I figure I would post here and do my collection of questions, instead of 20 differant threads.

    First a little about me, Im 17, and although a lot of you dont seem to like "kids", I work hard and am proud (as are my customers) of my work. I would say how many account I have but please clarify my question below before i answer.

    Ive seen the term "accounts" in differant threads and i was wondering what exactly that refers to. Is it your regular weekly customers, or all the differant people you have done business with?

    I also just read the thread about waht makes a Profesional landscape job, and noticed a lot of people saying to not blow onto the road. How do you blow the driveway and sidewalk so it doenst go into the road?

    Do any of you have issues with dog waste in the yards when you are cutting? I have two clients with large dogs and the droppings stick to the mower wheels and my boots. Do you charge extra for removal?

    Seems like a lot of questions, but im just curious with some of these little issues since ive never had any contact with big company landscapers.

    Thanks for the great site!

  2. out4now

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    Hello and welcome to the site :waving: Dog mess, there are a lot of old posts on this topic that you can look at using the search function, it's in the green bar sort of to the right under the sponsor banner ads. My advice, charge for picking it up! Blow the grass back into the lawn. What ever you do don't leave them in the street, in some places you can be fined for that, and it just looks bad.
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    Welcome to the site you the search feature it will be a good tool to learn from. Do a great job and stick to your guns, Don't let people talk you down about you. I have enclosed the first thread I have started last season. You will learn alot from certain people, just ask somebody will answer you question :waving:
  4. daveintoledo

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    I dont thinks its kids so juch as being legal and legitimat, haveing insurance and paying taxes on your imcome, and charging sales tax and all if appropriate in your area , any needed licences from your state or county, when you have to pay for these things, you are playing on a level playing feild. When you avoid these legalities, you can afford to work cheaper and lowball a area.

    Good Luck and stick around

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