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Welcome !!!!!

I have tried many combos on my LHP 23/52...... depends on what you're cutting, what will work best....... "Nice" lawns, but heavy growth, I find double High Lifts work best due to increased discharge volume/velocity.......
(do you have an anti-blowout baffle? If not, get one)
On lawns with weed/crabgrass growth, I Like the gators over high lifts.....

after last weeks storm, I wanted something to mulch up some of the leaves that were down, so I tried SINGLE gators on the trim side, and center, with an Excalibur hi-lift on the discharge.... worked fairly well, and still discharged pretty good!!

John Gamba likes eXmark????? I never really noticed that.:D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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